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  1. Hello,

    Is New Zealand the only country in the world to have a government-appointed national wizard? Also, is the position of national wizard going to be continued or is it a one-time appointment?

    Thank you!

    1. Hello Wizard,
      My father, Ron Adsett, was a student at UNSW in 1968 and I have a some of his black & White photos of you around campus (dancing, proclaiming with a feather duster wand…) that I am scanning. Is there somewhere I can send them?
      Reynauld Adsett.

  2. Where can the Wizard be found in these modern times? I am to embark on a quest to New Zealand next year and unfortunately he seems to be have vanished into obscurity of late, with only a few references to him appearing around the time of the ChristChurch earthquake.

  3. Hello Wizard of Christchurch,

    My name is Arthur and I come seeking wisdom regarding a great darkness encroaching on the land. I have had little luck finding my original friend Merlin, who I have not seen in a long time span.

    I would very much appreciate it if you could contact me.

    You humble servant,

  4. Oh Wise and Great Wizard of New Zealand, listening to you and your intellectually challenging, stimulating and enlightening discussions in Christchurch’s Cathedral Square in March of 1976 (“You’re the crazy ones! You’re listening!” . . . frame of reference truly applies to today’s Politics) . . . and finding your web site 20 years later . . . and following your reading list recommendation (“Gravity & Levity” by Alan McGlashan . . . when I ordered it, the clerk looked at me like I was daft!) changed my perspective, awareness, consciousness and my life! It lead me to the question “What good is it to have the absolute, undeniable, irrevocable, objective, timeless, eternal, correct answer . . . to the wrong question?” In reality, the question is just as important, or more important than any answer! As such, I am now searching for the most important question! Metaphorically, it would be “the next question” . . . which is directionally correct . . . only if you know where you are going. A more functional question would be “Is it enough?” (In recognition of St. Thomas Aquinas’s criticism of the Manicheans “It’s not enough!”). Your thoughts would be appreciated?
    Kindest Regards, Roger Mehus, Minneapolis, MN, USA

  5. Re our historic building. I 100% AGREE WITH your comments on HOW our historic buildings have been destroyed by the pack of VANDALS (and that is insulting an ancient culture that appreciated art) for the sake of NEW development. The soul of Christchurch is founded on these and now our city is being littered with common NEW buildings that can be found ANYWHERE. Even as a citizen of Christchurch, it was the old buildings I enjoyed visiting and tourists would have been happy to contribute to rebuilding of may of these old buildings. But no – we have been bullied and given no choice in the matter and told a lot of bullshit about safety.
    As for the Christchurch Anglican Cathedral – what a load of ballocks! Overseas experts reports contradict the almight City Council over feasibility of rebuilding this especially the Italian ones who are used to earthquake damage of old churchs – and frankly – how dare the City Council still use this renown ICON of Christchurch in their tourism and promotion of Christchurch when they are just going to destroy it. Our cardboard Cathedral is a laughing stock of the world.

  6. I totally share your understanding of a wider ‘Britishness’ and hope as you do to engender a sense of true cultural revival in opposition to the ‘Multi Culti’ madness being used to erode our true tribal identity.I am delighted that New Zealand has shown enough spirit to keep their flag that identifies them as part of the British story.I only hope that we have enough energy here to throw off the yoke of the miserable European Union.
    Good luck,God speed
    Stephen G Speakman Stockport England.

  7. I just read your account of the board game “salvation” and I have some suggestions! First monopoly may not have been the best model to work with because monopoly is all about capitalism and gaining political or economic power to win the game! That competitive nature to the game simply doesn’t fit the intended morals of religious and spiritual enlightenment! A story based RPG; similar to dungeons and dragons might make more sense! As that RPG format gives you more opportunities to incorporate good social deeds in to the actual game play! Instead of simply picking up a card that describes the good deed! Second I have some potential safety concerns about your choice of materials! You said the player’s pawns are made of lead! Lead is a highly toxic soft metal! Lead poisoning is connected to involuntary rage out bursts! Brain damage! Mental cognitive impairment! Psychosis! In the worst case scenario; lead poisoning can cause catatonic psychological collapse or even a coma! That is why modern toy safety laws prohibit use of lead in toys and games! Might I suggest replacing the lead pawns with wood or glass? Paper mech’e has been a traditional medium for toy making for years! Even centuries! It is cheap; durable! And with the right choice of resin; paper mech’e is perfectly safe and nontoxic! I just thought I would give you this advice!

  8. All Of British Columbia Needs Your Help, Mr. Wizard, and you are the ONLY wizard for the job. Our province(in Beautiful Canada) is burning. Over 200 wildfires and more to come, with no rain in sight and 30+ degree days on the horizon. We are staying inside with the windows, doors, and vents sealed as the smoke is so bad. I personally am having trouble getting enough oxygen. Would you be willing to do a rain dance for our province? We know you have done so successfully many times. We need your help, Mr. Wizard. Thank you in advance,

    Kaela and Natasha.

  9. Hello, I feel that I saw you visited my web site thus I got here to return the desire?. I am trying to in finding issues to enhance my web site! I suppose its ok to use a few of your concepts!!

  10. Just going through old files and found the business card I designed for you years ago! Hope life is great for for you and yours!
    Andy Dunn

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