Articles and media reports of the amusing real life adventures of :
A Wizard in the modern world.

The Fun Revolution
In the late 1960s and early 1970s my nervous system, unlike those of many of my contemporaries, was not in need of stimulation through sex, drugs, rock-and-roll, or even millenarian political or religious activism. It was too late anyway, Marshall McCluhan the “electronic prophet” had already blown my mind.
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A Post-modern Prophet comes to Christchurch
“Christchurch in 1974 was a sleepy English-style cathedral town set in the Canterbury plains in the South Island of New Zealand. Known for its extreme conservatism, the citizens could only be roused to political action by encroachments on the parks or plans for demolishing old and respected buildings”. click here
Alf’s Imperial Army
A childlike enjoyment of the fun of non-violent conflict with all the excitement of war. Movement and colour, medals and formal mess dinners afterwards. Warriors as living works of art and street theatre
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 The Telephone Box War
On one side, the Wizard and a few members of Alf’s Imperial Army, on the other, Telecom New Zealand. This massive organisation had recently taken over the telephone operations of the Government Post Office.
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Fear and Loathing in Christchurch City Council (NEW)The plaque controversy. There was uproar in the media and all over town at this display by the City Council of fear and loathing for all that the Wizard had stood for over the past 25 years.
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Burning Money to help the NZ economy and the new game of “Salvation”(NEW)
The Wizard and friends sell Heavenly Credits for secular notes and offer them up as a sacrifice to God. They do this to save the NZ economy from the government who is printing money again. As Prophet of the Church of England the Wizard produces and sells a new board game,”Salvation.” click here
The Rain Dance Kid
A day or two later after my first rain dance in Waimate a whole page of the New York Times was devoted to this spectacularly successful event. I went on to dance for rain in Nelson, Auckland, and outback Australia with the media waiting to see me fail. But I never did.
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The Hazards of Casting Spells for Rugby Games
I am writing this account as a warning to young wizards or to those readers who have not yet chosen their careers but are considering wizardry as an option.
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Fun Revolutionary Colleagues
Artists, craftspeople, nuns, actors and musicians are among the Wizard’s friends.
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Arson Attack
An adventure, but definitely not fun! Wizard’s house burned down by a maniac.
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The Census and The Living Work of Art
Modern art today, even conceptual art, has ceased confronting traditional authorities. As a fictional character, The Wizard clashes with the secular state authorities over the NZ Census in 1976, 1981 and 1996. This new form of conceptual art proves more powerful and more popular than governments.
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The Stolen Image
Mount Cook Landlines, a subsidiary of Air New Zealand, use the Wizard’s image in Australia to advertise their services in NZ but refuse to pay him. A stirring account o the battle that followed culminating in the Wizard’s Day of Rage during Wizards’ Week.
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