This document was composed in 1974 by the Wizard a few months prior to his unsuccessful attempt to carry out his thought experiment


A Philosophical Conundrum
If subjective ‘idealistic’ explanations depend on ‘absolutist’ a priori assumptions which depend on ‘relativistic’ imaginary operations which in turn depend on objective ‘materialistic’ observations which depend on subjective ‘idealistic’ understanding for verification, then all philosophers and scientists are going around in ever decreasing circles.

Defining The Universe
The phrase ‘The Universe’ is defined by me, here, now, as a high level unifying symbol identifying a subsystem set of symbolic propositions about the nature of intentionality, extensionality, and eventuality, sometimes crudely called ‘reality’. It is a finite but evolving concept or ideal construct; a systematised pattern of consciously comprehended and communicable symbols.

Little Universe Who Made Thee?

1st hypothesis: GOD/S:
There are several thousand candidates – but the Hebrew-Christian-Muslim God of Genesis has the most wealthy and influential supporters at present.

2nd hypothesis: NATURE:
It just happened according to Her Laws. There are several thousand different laws of nature, but those of the biochemists, astronomers and physicists have the most wealthy and influential supporters at present.

3rd hypothesis: MAN:
All those people on earth who do not believe that God did it nor that it just happened as a natural phenomenon but was created by ruling elites to gain and maintain power and privilege.

Identifying and Activating the Prime Mover

1st approach:
If God rules The Universe through Divine Will and the Hebrew-Christian-Muslim religious tradition is the most powerful, then the greatest living prophet in this four thousand year old religion can act as Prime Mover (by proxy of course) through divine revelation.

2nd approach:
If The Universe is governed by a collection of laws agreed upon by scientists as ‘natural’, then the greatest living cosmologist and natural scientist can act as Prime Mover (by proxy for Mother Nature) by explaining everything.

3rd approach:
If man rules The Universe through symbols that he puts together in various combinations to name and thereby control things, then the greatest living magician can act as Prime Mover.

A Possible Solution
“The Great I Am” Offers Himself as Candidate for Prime Mover.
As “The Prophet” of British Israel, I appear regularly in the streets proclaiming a new covenent for the Jews, Israelites, Christians, and Muslims, which fulfils the religious tradition beginning with Abraham and culminating in Elijah, Elisha, the two Isaiahs, Hosea, Jeremiah, Esdras, John, Jesus, and Muhammad. The New Covenant aims to link all mankind in a world-wide existential religion to be administered by the Anglican Church.

2. As “The Cosmologer” of Melbourne University and “the Wizard” of the World University Service in Australasia I have created a synthesis of all the “Laws of Nature” and claim that I am the greatest living non-reductionist, scientist.

3. As “The Living Work of Art” on extended loan to the National Gallery of Victoria I have perfected the art of living and the art of ecstatic oratory. The Living Work of Art controls his own image and is the world’s most outrageous spell-binding exhibitionist.

A Challenge
These claims are all open to counterclaims and I hereby challenge all rivals for the titles of “The Prophet”, “The Cosmologer”, and ‘The Living Work of Art”, either separately, any combination of two, or all three together.

If any challenger is successful, I hereby declare that I will support him or her in their use of any of these titles. I would prefer to defend my titles on television before a heterogeneous audience who can understand English.


The Navigator of HMS Channell Prepares for His Ascent
As holder of Birth Certificate DA094499 issued on the 25th of January 1933 by D.W.Constable, Registrar of Births and Deaths for the sub district of South Battersea in the County of London, I am Her Majesty’s Subject named “Ian Brackenbury Channell” and, with the help of Her Majesty’s governments in the Commonwealth and Her allies, it is with this title I have been navigating the storm-tossed seas of time, space and identity,

Through my special skills in spotting snags in proposals concerning the nature of reality, I have been able to avoid being “committed” to any a priori assumptions that could cause shipwreck to my fragile central nervous system. I claim to have remained free of any fixed beliefs during my forty-one year period of growth and, like a child, am remarkably good at pretending or imagining. Over the past few years I have carefully engineered my socio-cultural identity in such a way that I am not expected to “tell the truth” in order to keep up appearances or to keep my job.

Unlike Aristotle and the western tradition generally, I am not yet persuaded that all men must die. This belief is inevitably accompanied by irrational efforts to compensate with a non-existential guarantee of immortality. The most popular of which are; fame after death through achievement during life, the possession of a soul which goes up to heaven after a life of following a deity’s instructions, reincarnation as a compensation for failure in interpersonal relationships, property that is passed on through wills to offspring etc.

George Bernard Shaw wrote an interesting introduction to his existential evolutionary play “Back to Methuselah” which confirmed my own opinions about time. Shaw, unlike most people I have encountered, considered the future to be a purely imaginary present-time creation. With this hypothesis, I can still evolve under my own steam and have only vague intimations of what my future state might be should I evolve beyond the point reached by all men so far recorded in history.

However, Shaw’s vision of androgynes living for hundreds of years as sexless, dried-up, elders of indeterminate shape is neither very likely, nor is it very appetising. Lewis Carroll’s hilarious existential masterpieces Alice in Wonderland, Alice Through the Looking Glassand The Hunting of the Snark have been a great comfort and guidance to me in my attempts to make sense of my own behaviour as well as that of other human beings and the extraordinary things that we can create using our imagination. I must confess that I am a Boojum hunter by inclination as I have not yet been persuaded that Snarks are any more than products of the imagination.

Having sifted through hundreds of explanations of the meaning of things given by different individuals in different cultures I find that they all culminate aesthetically in a “great leap upwards” into heaven or a fall downwards into hell. These latter conclusions, although far more common, are not so intriguing as those which point in an upwards direction, and I personally prefer failures in rising to successes in falling.

It appeared to me that it was usually souls without bodies that rose upwards, though in the present century with the space exploration programme the reverse seems to be occurring. I am not yet convinced that I have a ‘soul’ which floats around independently of something called a ‘body’ or even a ‘mind’ that thinks all this stuff up and discusses it with others.

I am still convinced that all men and women are wandering around in trances induced by the things they read, watch on TV, and say to each other. I try not to believe a word of what I say or even what I write, but I do enjoy the sound of my own voice, and I amaze myself with my own fertile imagination. As a realist, however, I have to go along with what Her Majesty’s Government says is true in order to avoid the stick and to scrape up enough carrots to stay alive and healthy.

My New Cosmology and my Imaginary Experiment are partly designed to provoke reactions from people who haven’t had a fresh idea for years and to check the accuracy of my bizarre a priori assumptions which are flatly in contradiction to those of everyone else I know of the same age, sex and intellectual training.

At the present moment, faute de mieux, I am proceeding on the assumption that at 13.10 hours (GMT) on the 4th of December, 1974 (AD), I will be standing “erect and sublime for one moment of time” on Antipodes Island (British Commonwealth) and that I will rise in the air and vanish in a straight line into the centre of the Universe at a speed much greater than that of light, with a possibility that I will pass through the centre and re-materialise above the English Channel and splash down 42 minutes later, possibly in multiple copies or clones.

Over the next few months I shall be drawing up diagrams and charts together with references to scientific papers to demonstrate why I have designed this rather unusual experiment to test my theories of the nature of the universe.

A NEW ARK FORM – The Seven Stage Space-Ship
As an integral part of the Universe, and not a god-like observer or robot-like worker, my involving identity and evolving expressions of my identity can be explained as an analogue or metaphor based on the mechanical dream of our civilisation, a space ship of seven stages.

The seven stages are carefully outlined in my New Cosmology and each is based on, but is a cybernetic governor of, the stage below.


The seventh stage which contains the governor/prime mover will not be completed or put in place above the other six until shortly before launching time, as the whole thing might take off before all the snags have been dealt with. This final stage is my androgynous personality system, which alone can focus the universal levitational force whilst screening the universal gravitational force in all the supporting low level systems so that the space ship fires me straight at the target area, the centre of the objective universe. What an ego trip!

Adjusting my introversion-extraversion balance and my animus-anima levels to produce the correct ego complexes for successful release will be my major enterprise during the next few months.

The Christian alchemists and astrologers and followers of Pythagoras, such men as Copernicus, Kepler and Newton, constructed a heliocentric universe which operated mechanically according to mathematical laws. Newton had to invent a most ugly dynamic force he called the universal gravitational force, to put his infernal machine into operation. Their work was carried on by the Pythagorean relativistic mathematicians at the turn of the century who made things even worse and more soulless. I have had to resort to inventing the universal levitational force, (with no more justification than Newton and his followers had for their mysterious law of gravity which they believed had no reciprocal).

This law of levity is a hypothetical construct which is however indispensable in explaining the evolution of the Universe out of nothing in the beginning to such things as scientists creating theories of the Universe at the present moment. The universal levitational force, like its reciprocal partner the universal gravitational force, refines itself progressively through each level of the universe until it becomes such spiritual phenomena as levitation, flying, ascension and teleportation.

This is assumed to be an innate release mechanism triggered off on December 4, 1974.
I postulate a neglected innate release mechanism in the brains of homo sapiens (who for 90 per cent of their time on earth since evolving from homo erectus have been as hunter-gatherers in cultures with flying shamans as their spiritual advisors). This hypothesized IRM would be capable of dematerialising the phenomenon known as the ‘body image’, storing it as a memory whilst in non-corporeal fight, and possibly capable of re-materialisation at the end of the process.

Between theories of God’s Will and Natural Selection there is no convincing explanation of the dynamic evolution of animals. I was inspired by the lack of a satisfactory explanation of how lizards evolved into birds to hypothesise the ‘leaping lizard’ theory.

I assumed that certain male lizards were born with central nervous systems with inbuilt innate release mechanisms which produced an inexplicable urge for them to leap into the air and to wave their legs about whilst doing so, and that this process (combined with mutations producing skin under the arms and finally feathers) must have gone on for thousands of years before any of them succeeded in flying.

Darwin’s major hypothesis would explain why lizards would never become birds, since such useless cavortings would scarcely benefit them in their gruesome struggle for survival.

I simply assume that female lizards were turned on by those apparently insane male leaping lizards and were coldly unresponsive to the more pedestrian variety. Thus, through sexual selection and the evolution of ‘leaping’ innate release mechanisms through reproduction following mate selection, the whole process could escalate to produce flying reptiles. Birds have more complex social systems than reptiles, and their symbolic communication in gesture and sound is more complex than that of many mammals.

My own personal experience and observations confirm the hypothesis that leaping and dancing males, who love gliding, flying, and aerial acrobatics, are a great deal more attractive to the female of the species and rarely suffer from Oedipus complexes, unlike most religious and secular intellectuals (who always did their homework to please Mummy and Teacher).

By hypothesising an evolutionary drive towards dematerialising and travelling to the centre of the Universe (a symbolic process throughout) I can produce an explanation of the evolution of human cultural forms (magical, religious, scientific and artistic) which otherwise appear quite meaningless to a materialist.

Belief in God (or any other outside Prime Mover) who is ‘more real’ than symbolic expressions, or belief in matter (or any other phenomena) as ‘more real’ than symbolic expressions, could be termed ‘the death wish” which psychoanalysts find in the majority of disturbed individuals who are incapable of accepting their own existential identity.

It is foolish to attempt to learn from the obviously insane instead of concentrating on establishing a criterion of sanity. This should be based on a study of individuals who are not themselves suffering from unrealistic beliefs which cause them suffering or which cause them to inflict suffering on others as a matter of conscience or other moral imperative.

After studying “occult” theories and shamanic cosmologies, it seems to me at present that this IRM cannot be activated until the seventh of the seven stages of seven years which bring homo sapiens to full maturity. It also seems likely from the study of history and anthropology that the male is slightly more evolved spiritually than the female (and there are cases of moths where only the male passes from the larval form to the flying form). The similarity of central nervous systems in male and female human beings does hint however at the possibility that the human female might also be able to go into the necessary ‘word spell’ or symbolic ‘cocoon’ and evolve into a flying form, though becoming a mother might permanently prevent this due to the activation of powerful lower level maternal innate release mechanisms.

This theory is something like existentialist theories of Superman, except that I see the evolution of Superman as tied to the evolution of Superwoman in a Super Social System with a Super Cosmology.


To the delight and amazement of mankind, having turned the Universe inside-out as a mass thought experimentI will jump into the air (a leap of faith) at the chosen launch-pad at Antipodes Island and attempt to send myself up into the centre of my own universe through harnessing the levity (both physical and metaphysical) thus produced.

To audiences in the Northern hemisphere watching all this on TV, I would be trying to fall from heaven down towards them. In a very death-centred, gravity-centred, universe, falling to one’s death is much more respected and rewarded financially than sending oneself up. A man falling from the sky may therefore be much easier for them to imagine and may help the experiment.

The Geoperipheral model of the Universe is a purely structural conceptualisation at this stage.
It is not hypothesized to account for and predict the apparent motions of heavenly bodies and missiles in time and space. It is therefore quite useless to military and industrial elites who have sponsored previous models to help them gain world domination.
Talented promotion of the Geoperipheral model is very effective way of overthrowing the decadent and brain-dead Military-Industrial Establishment.

The Universal Levitational Force is a purely functional conceptualisation at this stage.
It is hypothesized to explain apparent motions of human bodies in time and space. It is indispensable for non-believers wishing to account for and predict the behaviour of human beings who believe in some form of existence after death in the form of Nirvana-Oblivion, Romantic Reincarnation, Salvation in Heaven/Damnation in Hell, or Secular Reputation in Posterity.
The Universal Levitational Force predicts the possibility of levitation without dying as the only existential and scientifically investigable phenomenal form of this universal human aspiration.