Understanding and Overstanding


There is no understanding without ‘overstanding’; politely called explaining. The identity of who is addressing us is just is as important as what he or she has to say, and may determine whether or not they are intentionally or unintentionally deceiving themselves, or us, or both. I am not divine nor an objective scientific observer so I will clear some of the ground away for you in this communication by stating my biases and experiences and likes and dislikes as well as I can. I am a pragmatic, existentialist process thinker by instinct, and a completely  independent sociologist and psychologist relying on my thorough academic training and teaching and subsequent personal experimentation. I am strongly influenced by the sociologists and psychologists who were inspired by the visionary artist/philosopher/poet/magician Goethe. In particular, the pioneer sociologist, Max Weber and the pioneer depth psychologist, Carl Jung. By 1973 I had completed the creation of an evolving postmodern process cosmology using both information theory and ‘elective affinity’ to link emerging systems.  I can refer to feedback and control loops to clearly distinguish and specify examples of reductionist reasoning and ‘deconstructive’ ideologies, as opposed to holistic or transcendental reasoning and more ‘creative’ ideologies. We should be calculating overall cost-benefit analysis of proposed important changes in public policy. Surely this is more important than inventing a terrible crisis that a party needs to be given extraordinary powers to solve, or winning elections by offering short term electoral bribes whilst promising to save us from the evil designs of a rival but similar political party. True cost-benefit analysis can only be calculated with the help of a cosmological model which links together interdependent biological, psychological, social, and cultural reality.                                                      

Dear reader, try and empty your mind of all fixed beliefs. I am not referring here to the common sense we inherit which is programmed into our nervous systems and is mainly developed through role interaction with significant others during early socialisation. Beliefs are not inherited, beliefs are learned working hypotheses. We are still social mammals who have evolved from primates. We are not useful machines or tools with a purpose, nor omnipotent gods, but our cultural potential is god-like compared with other animals. Nor are we equal, except under social legislation imposed by force. One of the wisest men who ever lived, the aristocratic Aristotle, stated that an educated man can be defined as an individual who can entertain an idea in his head without being possessed by it. In my experience both psychological and social factors combine to make this surprisingly rare, especially in church or state educated individuals. As Jung put it, “We don’t have ideas, ideas have us”.

Rhetoric Revived.  Introducing Good Manners into Debating Competing Ideas

I have developed a strategy to be able to communicate temporarily at least with individuals who find it hard to detach themselves from their beliefs. In Classical and Medieval European times an essential part of education was rhetoric which used to be part of school curricula and lingered on in voluntary debating societies. Interacting face to face with others communicates more than just abstract ideas and feelings. Pretending, or looking forward, is not only the way mammals in particular learn complex skills, it is also connected with identification where we identify and briefly empathise with others through role play. Debates are not lost or won by reason alone. Skill in verbal and emotional expression together with inherited animal dominance or personal charisma and social status of debaters are critically important to consider. Debates are a creative play form or agon, an acting out of a conflict of viewpoints. Unfortunately the masks of the role actors may sometimes get stuck on and they can’t take them off, even when the play is over. This may happen when we ourselves or others lose emotional control and ‘get serious’. Getting serious in a playful social event like a debate or conversation or game is more likely to bring the event to an unpleasant halt if one of the participants cannot or dare not either ‘return the ball’ nor tactfully change the subject. We develop institutions with the family, extended family, or the traditional pre-urban clan, as their foundation, which formalise verbal interaction as much as possible. Diplomatic exchanges, legal cases to settle disputes, and debates taking opposing sides in expressing new ideas, being the most obvious. The development of legally protected free speech in the public square is one of the great achievements of human beings with animal passions. This has proceeded along with religious encouragement and protection of the different forms of true non-possessive love.

The technique I often use is to be frank without being rude when initially expressing my opinions.  I try to keep an open mind by doing my best to believe in nothing, but I am a pragmatist who follows the rules that I have learned can be trusted. I rely upon my love for other people and curiosity about their opinions. Scientists whose job it is to test opinions for their truthfulness call them ‘working hypotheses’ and try and prove them wrong. Mathematicians use a technique called ‘reductio ad absurdum’ to prove mathematical statements false. It is impossible to prove any verbal or mathematical statement is absolutely true but we can establish how near one comes to the truth, so that we can more or less rely on it. Modelling can be used make fairly accurate predictions when the data is unambiguous and all the relevant factors can be included. But, if this is not the case, modelling can be used as a propaganda tool for extremists using word salad or fairy dust to advance a criminal political agenda. Lying like this is a lucrative profession. ‘There are lies, damn lies, statistics, and modelling’ (or ‘garbage in, garbage out’).

This is currently the case with simpletons who believe that anyone can be completely good or completely evil. For public administration purposes governments need to be seen to be fair, but this does not mean treating everyone the same. All non-collapsing societies treat woman and children and the physically or mentally disabled, differently from healthy adult men. William Blake wrote “One law for the lion and ox is oppression”. Status only works as a motivator if we are not fundamentally equal.

The Iron Law of Oligarchy

In communist and socialist states, which both pay lip service to political equality as their most important moral principle, ruling political party members and those in the upper echelons of the party and the bureaucrats who serve them are greatly privileged above others. All men are equal, but some are more equal than others. In capitalist nations which pay lip service to equal opportunity the reality is not equal opportunity for all, since some have more opportunities than others. The wealthiest run the show but usually through bribery, monopolies, expensive schools and networks of influence. However, their weak point is that they are also usually keen to part with their precious money to get honourable titles. Honour is always more prized than material possessions. It is no use just expressing outrage at these different forms of discrimination. Sentimentality, of which such moral outrage is a form, has been described as ‘the vulgar desire to experience a noble emotion without being willing to pay the price for it’. Green politicians, climate activists and schoolteachers who politicise children, are classic cases of superficial bourgeois self- righteousness. The only true Greens today are religious peasants, and the only people who might admire them are other peasants.

Looking at the situation as a pragmatist rather than as a sentimentalist, I am simply ignoring such stupid and destabilising distractions from real power as gender identity and government enforced diversity, inclusion and equity (DIE). Our bourgeois civilisation is suffused with a sentimental quasi-religious belief in compulsory equality in a world where human beings as social animals have always organised themselves hierarchically when acting towards a goal. Genuine sociologists, and not politicised neo-Marxist apparatchiks, will know Robert Michels’ 1911 book, “Political Parties” in which he describes what he calls ‘The Iron Law of Oligarchy’. No form of government is more hierarchical than a legally enforced bureaucracy, especially a political party obsessed with winning power and which sets about eliminating threats from talent within their ranks and rival hierarchies based on such competing values as truth, beauty and ethics. Their first target on winning a general election is the politicised teaching of their own version of history which is propaganda, more based on fear, hate, and lies than trust, love and truth.

The Scientific Method to the Rescue

As I keep repeating, I do my best to be a realist and not a sentimental and intolerant idealist. I admire the scientific method and apply it to more than material phenomena. ‘Expert’ economists betray true social science by deliberately isolating economic from other social phenomena for hidden personal or moral-ideological reasons. It’s also important to ‘keep it simple stupid’ using the ideal typology of the social scientists so that entire socio-cultural systems can be compared without getting lost in a mass of details. Other sciences use highly simplified terms like particles, atoms, elements, and cells, for phenomena which are highly complex processes and not isolated ‘things’. For a hundred years we have been shown by the intellectual classes that there is no absolute truth, only working hypotheses. However, not all statements are equally false. Some are obviously true enough to be relied on and others can be completely rejected as dangerous or absurd. Critical thinking is no longer taught in most schools and in this age of mass narcissism, which has largely succeeded the mass neurosis of the nineteenth century, subjective feelings are being regarded as more to be valued than objective facts, especially where moral feelings of envy are encouraged by politicians in the grip of the sentimental addiction of power without responsibility. These are the large numbers of upwardly-mobile and unscrupulous people I call ‘woke supremacists’.

Escaping the Moral Morass of Modernist Ethical Relativity

We need to find a way to avoid being trapped in the modernist morass of moral and rational relativity. The writings of the social philosopher, Vaihinger, now more than 120 years old,  provide a sensible way out. In his book “As If” he looks at ideas in general and scientific hypotheses in particular as ‘useful fictions’. I have written about this elsewhere, but here I want to apply this approach to what is best described as transcendental or holistic cultural engineering, rather than reductionist social engineering that has characterised most debate on improving our relationships to each other and to the world since the Enlightenment. Economic determinism and population increase are the absolutist foundational cultural beliefs of materialistic capitalism and socialism which are together clearly destroying the biosphere through massive accelerating pollution of the soil, rivers, seas and air. The politicians in the military-industrial nations armed with nuclear weapons have no coherent political philosophies and they have become obsessed with distracting trivialities and fake crises. It is essential that we stand back and take a cool-headed look at stable alternative forms of true integrated culture, and not just military and industrial institutions. We can learn from cultures that have been tried and tested in the past and, although not perfect, could be revived and improved. Nothing could be more dangerous than to embark on an untried idealistic utopian dream that will either collapse or turn into a nightmare. Cost-benefit analysis, once you have first decided what benefits you prize most, is the rational way to proceed. Freedom and critical scientific thinking are well down the list of ‘benefits’ today.

The psychopathic totalitarian dictatorship of China has already activated its plans for world domination and the Machiavellian undermining of their own and other cultures by the metropolitan ‘progressive’ Whig Mafia in the USA which is currently running the fast disintegrating USA into the ground. The insect armies of the inhuman communists, led by the queens of the World Economic Forum, are about to gobble them up.

The Sleeping Giant

As an existentialist, who can only wholeheartedly support cultures whose priorities are the employment of power only in the furtherance of love and ethics, logic and common sense, and levity and creative play, I am recommending a reformation of the partially feudal and partly industrial-entrepreneurial British Empire. Communist Han China is an empire in all but official name and has no ethical competitor to contain it. A coming together for self protection of nations with a recently severely-tested cultural heritage and shared values over generations is absolutely essential at this time. The British Empire has not been completely destroyed or replaced by a better culture. It is lying comatose like King Arthur in the cold store of the Commonwealth. For 70 years our wise and loving Queen Elizabeth kept a lone watch and protected the sleeping form from beastly predators. Earlier (like Churchill and George VI) William Pitt the Younger had worked with King George III, to outmanoeuvre the corrupt political elite in England just in time to stop Napoleon invading at a critical time in our history. Now as a postmodern wizard I find myself impelled to use my insights into the Electronic Age which is deconstructing our traditional checks and balances to serve my monarch as the wizard John Dee served the first Queen Elizabeth at another time of approaching cultural destruction by a humourless totalitarian culture.

For fifty years I have been doing my best to draw attention to the need for a revival of the highly resilient British Empire to compete culturally with the empires or alliances based on military and economic values alone. For seventy years it has been taught in our schools without debate that the British Empire as a form of government is either ‘no longer relevant’, or even ‘evil’. This is not being said about the catastrophic political, economic, environmental, intellectual and moral failures of both socialist and capitalist states and now the rapid growth of paralysing managerialism. How such a revival could be encouraged is not as obvious as why it should be done. In my recent book “The Fun Revolution; Jack’s Adventures in Ideologyland”, I attempt to take the current deconstructionist and very serious identity politics back up the control hierarchy of increasing cosmological complexity to light-hearted identity creation through transcendental reasoning. It has been pointed out recently that “society is downstream from culture”. Neo-Marxism is entirely based on this assumption.  Only subjective personal power we call charisma Culture-destroying socialist is upstream for a woke supremacist.

Fun as a Dynamic to Transcend Cognitive Dissonance

For a start I have introduced the dynamic of playful fun to balance and transcend the cognitive dissonance between love or ethics and logic or practicality. Practising the logical application of reductio ad absurdum argument and Karl Popper’s falsifiability principle to ideologies (whilst trying not to provoke temper tantrums) brings us to the blindingly obvious, as well as provoking amusement amongst those intellectuals who still have a sense of humour and a modicum of common sense. Individual common sense is selected through millennia of evolution and is inherited as innate releasers in the CNS, linked chemically through neurons in the heart to the ANS, and is developed or weakened by pleasant or bitter experience in what we assume to be the real world. I repeat, I am a pragmatist with a considerable variety of life experiences and a reasonably deep-thinking autonomous egoist, not a shallow and conformist narcissist hiding an ugly crippled ego.

Given the chance I would turn back from both idealistic and puritanical capitalist globalism and more pragmatic socialist nationalism based on the unholy alliance of the technologically over-sophisticated military and industrial institutions. Like the Romantics who founded Christchurch I would direct my course progressively towards a more decentralised, rural, self-reliant, aesthetic and feudally-organised society inspired by the pursuit of the immutable, non-relativistic, values of imperfect but evolving Truth, Beauty and Goodness. If you are a nihilist, a paradoxically ‘absolutist’ believer that everything is relative, you could call these values ‘useful fictions’, like currencies, road rules, and government mandates. In my experience moral relativists are not indifferent to moral principles. They often derive an evil satisfaction in defying them. True atheists are rare beings. Those who claim to be are usually anti-theists, who are intellectually and emotionally repelled by beautiful architecture and by sacred practices, rites and beliefs.

Becoming a Sociable and Creative Disrupter

I can’t forget the impact on me as a young teenager in 1945 by the documentary films showing the bureaucratically-organised death camps of the Nazis and Communists and the unimaginably destructive effects of the first atomic bombs. Something began to happen to my trust in the leaders of our current civilisation; their self justification was beginning to lose its magical hold on me. At one stage I joined the UN youth organisation but finding that it was bureaucratic, boring, meaningless, and impotent, I soon left. As a great reader of anything that appealed to my fertile imagination I already hated my compulsory attendance at a grammar school whose unstated purpose was not learning or cultural enrichment, but to train me to be a teacher or for a clerical job. I was good at competitive athletics and very successful in those exams marked by outside examiners who only had a number on the papers and not my name. I instinctively became the charismatic school ‘disrupter’ so cleverly and humorously that I couldn’t be expelled and my school teacher parents could not be persuaded to take me out of school. I still have the potential to playfully disrupt the confidence of nihilistic ‘woke supremacists’ who have seized control of our institutions, but I can only do this if people either back me up without question or keep silent. Asking loaded questions is a common technique used by control freaks to seriously disrupt action they don’t like. They also use passive-aggressive emotional techniques to trip up and distract honest and straightforward people with excellent track records. Apart from swelling up with domineering self-righteousness, their speciality is dulling our senses with ‘word salad’ and running things by committees which they make like crossing barbed-wire under fire to get anything done they personally don’t want done.

A Conversion Experience in the Boy Scouts

I found my place in the universe shortly after the war when I returned home to London from evacuation in the country and joined the voluntary Boy Scouts where I eventually rose to become a senior scout leader. The feudal-like Scout movement was modelled fundamentally on the existentialist, hierarchically-organised, hunter-gatherer cultures. The first camp on Brownsea Island, combining working class and middle class school boys, was held in 1907. With the exemplary leadership of its founder, the charismatic military hero Lord Baden Powell, acting as the scientific ‘attractor’, the unambitious movement suddenly evolved, bottom up, not top down, out of the extraordinary mixture of classes and subcultures of the British Empire. It soon spread throughout the Four Corners of the Earth. I believe the movement grew faster than any other mass movement in history. It was slowed down by the immense stupidity of the First World War and it was later suppressed by Fascists, Nazis and Socialists who had their own highly politicised youth movements aiming at various Utopian futures which soon turned into nightmares.

Enemies of the Empire

Ever since 1945 our key identity as loyal subjects of the British Empire, a confident and powerful world-wide culture, has been deliberately deconstructed by our envious rivals. First they  established the United Nations Organisation, a fake world government acting as a front for the USA and USSR who had suddenly become militarily superpowers but lacked traditional sophisticated and connected cultural elites.  Under the Marshall Plan, which admittedly saved the economies of those individual European nations not occupied and controlled by Stalin’s empire, an army of bureaucratic advisors came to Western Europe from the USA. They did not trust the beneficiaries to implement the plan according to their own national agendas so they did their best to control the economies which were manipulated from within to act in America’s political and economic interests. Stalin, who was no fool, was keeping his eyes on the ball and realised this would happen. He made strenuous efforts to tighten the totalitarian grip of the Russian organised Communist Parties on Western Europe especially in Italy and France where their neo-Marxist influence still completely dominates intellectual circles. Germany was still basically ‘Prussianised’ and France had already been centralised, bureaucratised and managerialised by the ENA, the Ecole Nationale d’Administration in Paris established by Napoleon. Reconstructed and prosperous Germany were spared the war debts they owed the USA whereas impoverished Britain was forced pay every penny they owed, which took until fairly recently. In theory Britain was in a special relationship with America, in practice it was Germany.

The main rivals for world domination by the multi-racial and multi-faith British Empire, which still based its meaning and control mainly on aesthetically attractive status hierarchies, were Soviet Russian ‘anti-Imperialists’, basing their rule mainly on violence and governmental monopoly of lies, and capitalist American ‘anti-Imperialists’, whose rule was based mainly on material monopolies, regime change and under-the-table criminal bribery. The Empire was broken up by the UN insistence on immediate political independence of all colonies as an absolute value, regardless of the consequences to their peoples.  Other nations simply ignored the impotent authority of the UN but the British Labour Government did their best to comply since they were either naive idealists, or treacherous self-hating dupes of the corrupt Washington swamp or the thugs in the Kremlin.                            

Fake National Independence as a Confidence Trick

True national independence is impossible in a world linked through powerful economic and political alliances. Both Communists and Capitalists, working through their puppets in secular political parties, could rip small states away from their traditional integration with their own and British status hierarchies. This was backed both by the USA, to whom the British were deeply indebted financially, especially through war loans incurred between 1939 and 1942, and by the Labour Government whose nationalistic and socialistic welfare-state ideology had made our grim postwar economy the laughing stock of Europe, especially the rapidly-recovering West Germans. All boats sank together. The excuses given for heartlessly abandoning the African colonies in particular to their grisly fate were either the cost to the tax payer or ideological ‘nation building’ or both. No consideration whatsoever was given to protecting such vital values as pragmatic political reality, traditional cultural life-styles and rituals, or real, non-hypocritical ethics. ‘One man one vote, once.’

The excuse was different for abandoning India and its fairly well integrated Muslim population, many governed by Kshatriya warrior caste maharajas or Moslem princes, to rule by the Hindu Congress Party run by the Brahmin intellectual caste (ideological colleagues of the British Labour Party who were working on their behalf in the UK government). Multi-religious and multi-ethnic India had never experienced compulsory egalitarian nationalism based on the domination of ‘military-industrial’ institutions. Independence from the traditional feudal structures of Mughal and then British Rule, for a future as yet non-existent modern nation, was the promise given by the British war coalition government when the Congress Party threatened to cause internal chaos and even to help the homicidal Japanese Imperialists invade India through Burma. The Congress Party threat was already being carried out militarily through their clandestine anti-British Second Indian National Army, made up of mercenaries, volunteers and ex POWs who allied themselves with the Japanese Imperial Army. They almost reached the border with India and were a real threat. Imagine what would have happened to the people of India had they succeeded! What they did in China is a good indication.

The USA and USSR Unite to Destroy the British Empire

The rulers of the ‘anti-imperialist’ empires of the USA and Soviet Russia were delighted at the prospect of such weakening of a superior rival based on more admirable principles than unlimited greed or unlimited political violence. After the war the word Imperial could no longer be used  in its previous sense without loud objections from those who had just sold their birthrights for a mess of global pottage. This was when James Burnham’s managerial class (on which all welfare-state political parties are reliant) suddenly expanded. Orwell’s classic “1984” was written shortly he had read Burnham’s equally prophetic “The Managerial Revolution”. Fundamental human values have no meaning in a bureaucracy, they may even be inverted, since without these values, power alone becomes its own justification. Like all effective institutions, bureaucracies are hierarchical in their power structures. Each bureaucratic role in a modern hierarchy has its responsibilities and rights and financial rewards legally prescribed and enforced. Nietzsche’s philosophical endorsement of the ‘Will to Power’ as the main driver of the universe is the intellectual key. In “The Crowd” written in 1895, Gustave Le Bon took a very different view of the ‘will of the people’. D’Annunzio and Mussolini were the first politicians to experiment with this collective subjective and animal-like herd phenomenon they initially described as ‘national socialism’ with showy and shiny machines and substituting man-made miracles of technology for what Weber called the traditional “religiosity of the masses”. Hitler was watching and learning from their extraordinary success.

Desire for power is the strongest addiction known to mankind. Like all addictions, the conscience is over-ruled, and lying, cheating, stealing, bullying, and even killing, no longer produce guilt. The moral aim of the universal reciprocal golden rule of reciprocity of treatment of all adult male citizens (and unmarried or widowed adult females) of non-criminal intent is thereby subverted. ‘All men are equal, but some are more equal than others’. They share the moral corruption of those Christians, especially those fanatical ‘born again’ Protestants, who act in contradiction to Jesus’ own words and personal example whilst claiming moral superiority over more modest Christians on the basis of their personal subjective feelings of being ‘saved’. Faith without works has become political correctness of subjective feelings without any matching objective good deeds. Hypocrisy like this has been called The Tribute Vice pays to Virtue”.

Empires, like the Persian Empire (which the uncharismatic reformist Shah tried to revive before being overthrown by the angry charismatic Ayatollah backed by the opportunistic Russian Communists) are not based mainly on materialism or lust for power. They are led by charismatic political personalities restrained to some extent by traditional religious-philosophical ethics. They are usually comprised of a community of ‘subjects’ integrated aesthetically by popular participation in great rituals of ancient meaningful identity and not a collection of bourgeois ‘objects’ or digitised voting citizens integrated by promises of future material reward.  Entrepreneurial risk-takers in such empires are more easily restrained by the rule of law and legal rules of commerce. Such empires may go insanely off the rails, like Feudal Japan when their rapid modernisation and amazing economic growth was about to be suddenly and completely stopped by the oil embargo imposed by the USA. However, traditional value structures can be restored more easily than democratic legal structures unless deliberately and systematically supressed by global managerial elites as Burnham gloomily prophesied. What would he have thought of the top-down zero-sum control algorithms of the World Economic Forum being routed through unscrupulous and unregulated tech communication monopolies?

“Et tu Brute” The End of the British Empire.

The end of the slowly recovering but economically weak British Empire came in 1956. Still greatly financially indebted to the USA for the essential food and war materials needed to carry on their lone defensive war against the Nazis between mid 1939 and mid 1942, the British, with help from the Israelis and French, combined to occupy the vital Canal Zone of the Suez Canal. Nasser, a dictator financially and politically  supported by Soviet Russia, had seized and blocked this vital international link in world communications which the British owners had kept open to all. At the same time the Hungarians had risen up against their brutal communist government controlled by the Kremlin. What did the American government do?  Our trusted  wartime ally, Eisenhower, who was on his presidential campaign trail, threatened to pull the plug on the UK economy and collapse it completely unless we gave in to Nasser and went home. The PM, Anthony Eden, was humiliated in the eyes of the world. He had been at the Big Three meeting at Tehran a decade earlier where he witnessed Churchill’s public humiliation by Roosevelt and Stalin who got together on their own to secretly plan the new world order. America did nothing whatsoever to help the Hungarians. The Russian imperialists invaded, seized Imre Nagy the Hungarian Prime Minister and imprisoned him in Moscow before executing him. The brutal Soviet Empire was vindicated.  The British Empire was humiliated. The duplicitous American Empire was now the new master of the world. The three imperial world powers now became two.

Thirty years later the democracies under the leadership of Regan, Thatcher, and Pope John Paul II combined forces with the reformist Gorbachev to end the USSR’s rule of terror. Russia, under the alcoholic Yeltsin and the oligarchs waiting in the wings assisted by ex KGB bureaucrats, soon became a wannabe copy of the corrupt and increasingly Mafia-ruled USA. Communist China then filled the vacuum left by the collapse of the Russian Communist Empire.  Unfortunately the American winners of the world championship title were naive fools with swollen heads who thought they could control fanatical communists by corrupting them in their usual way. Through the World Trade Organisation they joined their economy with China to become ‘Chimerica’. The wolves soon turned on the sheep. This was poetic justice, rather than schadenfreude, which is not a typical British sentiment.

Now it is the American’s turn to suffer the ‘deconstruction’ and humiliation by a rival empire that they had earlier inflicted upon the British Empire and its openly-acknowledged and openly-governed colonies. Even worse, it is being carried out with the help of the corrupt bureaucratic stooges in the United Nations Organisation that they had created and financed. Self-serving intellectuals in the universities and mass media quickly jumped on to the new gravy train. The usual ‘Trahison des Clercs’.

Deconstructing the Identity and Intrinsic Meaning of The British Empire

In 1945 the USA and USSR had become the irresponsible super powers ruling the world behind the bureaucratic smoke screen of the United Nations falsely posing as an ethical world government. Now their betters, the traditional elites and their values which still bound the British culture together as a people, could be utterly destroyed. The process had begun following the end of the war when the USA controlled UN and left-leaning party politicians in the UK establishment became the new masters of our ‘identity’. They deliberately demonised the culturally-inclusive identity term ‘British’, first adopted officially in 1802 at the time of the political union of the separate countries in the British Isles. Such a complex cultural inclusivity offended their sterile reductionist political-economic ideologies.

Once the war was over, ambitious nationalistic and racist party politicians began the symbolic deconstruction of the British cultural identity. Once proud membership of ‘The British Empire’ was soon neutered to become ‘Commonwealth Members’. The new political leaders greatly increased income taxes to build a welfare-state ‘internal empire’ controlled by a massive army of mostly box-ticking inefficient managers. Public servants who were previously a profession, formed themselves into an ‘Industrial Union’, then centralised their power and adopted the  ideology of economic determinism to politicise the history curricula of the schools. See the revisionist documentary, ‘WW2 Warlords, Churchill v Roosevelt’ on youtube. The wannabee dictator Roosevelt had no intention of taking the USA into war with Germany. Hitler surprised everyone by declaring war on the USA!

Meanwhile Here in New Zealand

In this country our historic identity was next changed from the independent Dominion of  New Zealand as a member of The British Commonwealth to a nation which just happened to be a member of The Commonwealth‘British’ was now a dirty word or the subject of derision for the newly-empowered Americanised, historically illiterate, bureaucratic and over-paid, political fat cats in the new ‘internal socialist empire’ of the welfare state. The founders of the extremely successful nation of New Zealand were now being described in school textbooks as villains. This country’s extreme isolation, lack of diversity of flora and fauna and absence of available metal deposits had made life hard for the Polynesian immigrants who arrived a few hundred years before the British settlers. This resulted in the formation of an indigenous warrior culture of warring nations continually invading and seizing each others land and even enslaving or eating their captives. This limited and barely sustainable process was suddenly upset when their stone axes were replaced by muskets traded from whalers and sealers. Their culture was fast committing suicide.

The tribal chiefs came together to seek the protection of the newly arrived British beginning to settle the islands. In the absence of any other national authority, though the French were close behind, the British had already declared sovereignty over the territory. A treaty was drawn up and circulated designed to create a new inclusive nation of British subjects as part of the British Empire. The Treaty of Waitangi was signed in 1840 by the Chiefs and the British Governor and was honoured, unlike treaties signed in the USA with the indigenous peoples and then regularly broken. It was an exceptional example of mutual benefit to all, regardless of race, economic power or political standing. The Maoris were quickly converted to Christianity, educated to the highest degree possible, and granted full British citizenship within the Empire. The feudal government structures they already possessed and the entrepreneurial skills they immediately showed were remarkable, and intermarriage was so common that they quickly built up herd community to deadly European epidemics.

Now however for nationalistic political and global economic gain once proud British subjects are being divided into two peoples described in the schools and universities as either Maoris or Pakehas (the latter a culture-less residual category). Maoris are now being described the inheritors of a once great culture with many superior cultural ideas and even ‘superior genes’ to the inferior Pakehas who “once were British”. The simple and straightforward Treaty of Waitangi was re-interpreted again and again by armies of rapacious lawyers. The historical clock was deliberately stopped when the Treaty of Waitangi was signed. Land temporarily seized by a dominant tribal nation from weaker tribes in the past during the incessant warfare was now ‘their land’ forever and the democratic Government made up of all NZ British citizens must pay reparations to that particular tribal nation for any land needed for the good of the people of New Zealand.  Fake sovereignty was ‘relativised’ to suit politicians looking for votes. Since we are not yet living in the Kingdom of Heaven there were abuses and the National Parliament, not the Crown, were responsible for most of them. But that’s democracy, a ‘necessary evil’ often accompanied by hypocritical ‘concern’.

Abandoned by the Mother Country

There were already good reasons for New Zealanders and Australians to feel alienated from their own original cultural homeland. From the safety of the distant ex-colonies they had recently been prepared to send their young men to risk their lives to stop the initial Nazi attempt to invade the British Isles before they could safely embark on world conquest. Admittedly the heroic defence of the homeland and the vital Suez Canal was suddenly followed by the ignominious surrender of the main British base of Singapore in the Pacific region. The unexpected Japanese entry into the war on the side of the Nazis and their rapid unopposed advance with troops and tanks through suddenly neutralised French Indo-China into South East Asia could not have been foreseen or prepared for. This time it was the American navy who put up an amazing fight in the Pacific theatre of war after the devastating sneak attack on Pearl Harbour and saved Australia and NZ from being invaded. This was their ‘finest hour’ and we must never forget it. Suddenly in 1973 the loyal British Imperialists in the South Pacific were politically and economically ejected from their old cultural family network when the ungrateful, greedy and ambitious politicians in the UK were sucked into the postwar Franco-German political-economic project of the United States of Europe, aka the European Union. This was treacherously initiated as a limited and purely economic project but soon became strictly politicised and rigidly bureaucratised. We were suddenly and brutally cut adrift in the Pacific Ocean to fend for ourselves. We become foreigners in all but name and our past shared historical identity was repressed, censored or ‘revised’ by the mass media and the increasingly secular government educational monopoly. At the UK border, where French and Germans just walked through as ‘citizens’, New Zealanders and Australians were obliged to join the ‘foreigners’ queue. Humiliating identity politics again.

The NZ Government become Racists in order to Destroy their Own Culture

Another major act of cultural deconstruction has now just taken place. Without any public sentiment or demand to back her, the anti-British Prime Minister of of NZ, a Davos trained puppet specialising in HR skills, and a long time fan of communism, simply changed our traditional national cultural identity from New Zealand to ‘Aotearoa New Zealand, or just ‘Aotearoa’. and ordered its compulsory use by all government departments and government financed institutions which now included all the schools, universities and mass media. This is a clear signal to the world of our new political identity. Aotearoa is a fictional construct that only applied to the North Island with no true culture or values except a carefully-edited, multi-tribal, crude pseudo-Maori culture which the Labour Government could hide behind to justify their new totalitarian left-wing political agenda. A high percentage of those corrupt schemers who choose to identify as Maori rather than as New Zealanders in order to gain political and economic privileges have quite a low percentage of Maori blood in their veins. Calculating percentages of racial blood to justify the manipulation of human beings is a vile practise which the ‘mongrel’ British, as they were previously known, opposed with their lives more than any other culture. The NZ Labour Party are doing this so they can promote their anti-British woke agenda with the help of the new global elite in Davos. Many proud Maoris, who have been described as the Vikings of the Pacific, can’t stand being patronised and politically exploited like this and go to Australia as migrants whose government is doing the same thing by politically manipulating their own indigenous culture.

This racist identity trick also brings to mind the totalitarian Nazis and Soviets and their financial sponsoring of a fake ‘folk’ culture to marginalise and then suppress their traditional sophisticated Christian European cultural identity. Illegal and unconstitutional politically- slanted ‘hate speech’ laws are currently being drawn up in New Zealand by corrupt lawyers, political scientists, and sociologists. Both of these tricks are aimed at destroying the rule of law through discrimination based on a newly-created fictional identity.  Hate speech laws are designed to undermine our existing laws that have been protecting fragile and precious free speech. Our current laws already penalise the urging of criminal actions. No one should forget that this vital advance in western civilisation was finally established after being perfected in England and Scotland centuries ago.  Fortunately our unique British love of making fun of deadly-earnest control-freaks makes an excellent barbed wire fence to put round our free speech laws to protect them from malevolent predators, especially in peace time. ‘Hating people that hate’ only magnifies the hatred and division which is exactly what our current rulers and their anti-cultural agenda are aiming for. Since totalitarian ideologues have very restricted imaginations and no subtle sense of humour, I put my trust in this barbed wire defence.  



I will start with some basic psychological and sociological assumptions. Mental health is  psychological and behavioural and hence is downstream from society, social institutions including the family are downstream from culture, as totalitarian culture warriors, like woke neo-Marxists, and millenarian cults in general, assume. My own postmodern existential theory assumes that culture is downstream from unique charismatic personalities who may appear at times of crisis. We are all embedded in stories, short and long. Roles are the social enactment of narratives which are driven by ideas formed into a more or less coherent cultural belief system or ideology.




However, Imperialism is a main theme here and can be defined as a form of ideology that justifies political, economic and cultural expansion into external cultures. Some empires are primarily political, like the Incas, the old USSR, and Communist China. Others are primarily economic, like the Roman and American Empires, and others primarily cultural, like the Persian, Chinese, Ottoman, and British Empires. All of course are a mixture.

Some, like Communism, are intrinsically short term historical phenomena. Within Western Civilisation an example of impermanence is the Renaissance revival of classical materialism when salvation and status through virtuous behaviour, inspired by the example of Jesus, was usurped by bankers and merchants who prioritised artistic propaganda and scientific improvements in material living conditions. The Reformation is another. During the bloodbath of the Thirty Years War which was fermented by the rise of the urban bourgeois ideology of the Reformation, materialistic Protestant states broke free from theocratic control by the Vatican. They succeeded in reviving the anti-theistical, materialistic cosmology of the warring plutocratic Greek city states. The newly urbanised middle-class businessmen proclaimed loudly and angrily that they were deeply religious in their personal feelings and were saved ‘by faith alone’, even though like whited sepulchres their deeds demonstrated that they were motivated by unconscious desires that Jesus would have regarded as satanic. They were precursors of today’s puritanical woke supremacists.

The Modern technological view of reality as material progress is primarily neurotic and riddled with anxiety and spread rapidly throughout the world after originating in Calvinist Europe and North America in the late 19th century. This was followed by the narcissistic neo-Marxist postmodernism. Such cultural Nihilism is primarily irresponsible and this neo-Marxist version arose suddenly in the late 1960s in the same cultural environment. Faith without works is like smoke which disperses when the wind rises. Socio-cultural ‘deconstruction’ is accelerating as gravity-stricken we tumble into the abyss of meaninglessness.

More Pragmatic and Less Fragile Civilisations

This may or may not be relevant to the reader, but by far the longest lasting and least environmentally-destructive form of human culture is that of the usually playful existential hunter gatherers based on common sense, artistic expression and pragmatic magic. Being fundamentally nomadic, this culture did not depend on agriculture and the ideology of patriarchy, which is rooted in forms of ownership (primarily land ownership) and fertility. The self-reliant religious civilisations and empires which lasted for hundreds or even thousands of years were primarily concerned with their environmental location and assets and insistence that their cultural identity was sacred. They encouraged agricultural innovation rather than prioritising innovation in manufacturing, trading, and military technologies. To achieve and maintain this status quo they depended on belief in divine governance of a stable, non-millenarian type.  Except in Marxist ideology,  absolute equality of the roles of wives and husbands is rarely assumed. If sexual egalitarianism is made government policy and enforced, it deconstructs families and creates joyless and impoverished totalitarian welfare-states, based on inflexible, centralised power.                                   

Unknowingly guided today by the omnipresent algorithms of the World Economic Forum,  progressive social activists, who have little knowledge or understanding of history, have reached an absolutist view of technological determinism which they worship as Historical Inevitability or Progress. Like the philosophes of the materialistic enlightenment, the culturally illiterate converts in the cult of the WEF act as if they have progressed to a higher state of consciousness than all human beings before them. Yet at the same time they want new electronic technologies to their thinking for them. They are madly enthusiastic either to embed human brains in machines, or vice versa, to implant silicon chips and microscopic hard drives in human brains. For such humourless and puritanical fanatics the entire romantic, religious, and magical past of mankind was not only stupid and wrong, it was evil and must be discredited and then destroyed for ever. The end of history requires all memories of it need to be demonised or supressed by force. An earlier socialist Great Reset was Pol Pot’s ‘Year Zero’. Respectable public institutions suddenly go woke, statues commemorating important historical individuals are removed from public view or toppled and smashed, real scholars are ‘cancelled’ without appeal by envious inferior colleagues, books are banned, and in the most ‘progressive’ countries heretics are ‘disappeared’. Unless informed common-sense thinkers who are historically literate are prepared to counter attempts by smiling assassins to cancel them, these intellectuals soon progress from self-deluding enlightened rationalists into woke psychopaths.

Progressives –  Angry and Ambitious Jacobins

The increasingly psychopathic state of the world culture is very similar to what happened in the late 18th century with the successful uprising of the nihilistic Jacobins of the French Revolution. France had already been centralised politically and ruined economically during the exceptionally long rule of Louis XIV, an egomaniacal, war-mongering, autocrat. At that time, with the help of the rising influence of the new mass media of printed books and broadsheets and growth of schools, the newly-empowered revolutionary lawyers eliminated their reformist romantic rivals in the uprising and soon became drunk with power and spite. In a fury of destruction they proceeded to change the stable traditional symbols of cultural identity. The Rule of Law was by replaced by the Rule of Lawyers. Since naming and measuring are essentially acts of power that precede control, they used their centralised power to enforce the ridiculous decimalisation of all measurements and began changing the names of everything of symbolic importance to feed their desire for the destruction of their stable traditional cultural identity. They demolished churches and their great libraries, killed the priests and aristocrats whom they envied, seized the crops of the peasants, and took cancellation of their rivals to a bloody extreme using their new ‘humanitarian’ invention, the guillotine.  The cure was worse than the disease. Finally, like all obsessed progressives, when the Jacobins had succeeded in terrorising everyone else, they turned on each other, including their own leaders. Paris was just starting to calm down when, taking advantage of the power vacuum, a talented military dictator, rather like the revolutionary Oliver Cromwell earlier, seized power and exported the cultural virus of The Terror into the rest of the Western world. Napoleon launched a massive, brutal, revolutionary army to impose the new progressive order on Europe, North Africa and Russia until stopped by the British Navy supported by the money men of entrepreneurial England, and the national armies of the United Kingdom, Russia, Prussia, and other countries on the continent.

The Will to Power

Marx and Lenin and Mao all admired and copied the Jacobins and their complete lack of any moral principles. “Power comes from the barrel of a gun”. This ideology of power enabled the unpopular German-backed Bolsheviks to outsmart the other political parties jostling for power in Moscow during the Russian Revolution. The Nazi Party was very different. It arose with the help of the newly expanded, military-industrial complex of Germany, previously a patchwork of independent states newly united forcibly by the all-conquering Prussian state. They skilfully worked up feelings of resentment over the recent defeat of their ‘unbeatable’ Prussian military machine. The Nazis were also typical progressives, passionately describing the real historical past as evil, like the Democrat Party currently deconstructing the identity of the USA. They ‘invented’ an earlier Nordic culture and gave the creepy bureaucrat Himmler and the brilliant intellectual Dr Goebbels complete control of their dramatic expressionist propaganda. Hitler’s unexpected use of a gang of violent thugs loyal to him alone, like Ivan the Terrible’s Oprichniki, was also unprecedented. However, Hitler’s artistic temperament led to him being more influenced by the corrupt but artistically crafted Mafia-style Machiavellianism of the journalist-dictator Mussolini.  The evil magic used by the Third Reich was less puritanical and more romantic than that of the Jacobin idealists who copied the unimaginative gravitas of classical Rome. Unlike self-destructive left-wing, progressives, the Nazi’s ruthless attempt at world domination might well have succeeded. The same lack of imagination can be observed in the crude moralising use of their monopoly of the mainstream media by the current Democrat Party that recently seized power in the USA. They are currently losing the plot before they can pack the Supreme Court with progressives and, with the help of the WEF and UNO, use a fairly harmless flu epidemic and blatant lies about the end of the world to rig the elections again so that they can form a totalitarian one party state.

Heaven on Earth replaces Heaven after Death

To return to the topic of the collapse of our religiously-sanctified civilisation. Having broken away from Christian theocratic control, the Protestant states in particular embraced the secular ideology of the Scientific Revolution they called the Enlightenment. Initially small in numbers, radical intellectuals embedded themselves in new nation states which based their new identity on a unifying language, literacy through education, printed propaganda, and strongly defended borders. The new science was based on the assumption that the universe, like the nation state, is a ‘thing in space’, a machine, a salvation ‘tool’ created by God, who then inexplicably departed and left it to run down. Its separate parts are powered by ‘forces’ such as incomprehensible and inexplicable gravity, blind chance, and causation based on simple location in linear time.. Hardly rational! All machines are by definition tools made for a purpose by intetional beings, which necessarily implies some sort of desirable future state. The new implicit purpose of this mechanical universe was no longer to enable believers to achieve salvation and immortality or nirvana but to build a material heaven on earth (the opposite of monasteries or ashrams devoted to prayer, music, study and holistic healing). This future Utopia is a useful fiction which the materialists copied from the ideology of a blissful life in Heaven promised by priests in the past to motivate the masses to obey them. This puritanical self-denying utopianism is still unfortunately the metanarrative of our own time and is the main alternative to the existential and experiential Fun Revolution that I am advocating. The resistance by both narcissistic and neurotic intellectuals to living for fun as pragmatically as possible, is immense.

Secularisation – The Disenchantment of The World

To sum up: Islamic, Jewish and Christian scholars had integrated the materialistic Greek and Indian understanding of the universe and the remarkable technological achievements of the magical, pragmatic and animistic Chinese, into their psychological, social and cultural environment. Almost a thousand years later, led by ‘enlightened’ scientists, Christendom had moved from a narrative derived from a synthesis of theology and rationality shared by churchgoers all over Europe, into urbanised ‘citizens’ identifying with the bourgeois, plutocratic, classical Greeks. Like them, the citizens were now motivated through democratic oratory promising enrichment and territorial expansion backed up by an unstable alliance of the technologically spellbinding military and industrial institutions. Eisenhower’s fearsome military-industrial-complex. The interests of the new elite of immoral rationalists were utilitarian, in other words, political and economic. Beauty, Truth and Goodness were marginalised as secondary concerns serving the state. Souls were replaced by minds, churches were replaced by schools and universities, and the great estates of the abbeys by factory towns. Hideous ugliness dulled the senses as Progress replaced Salvation and was believed in even more fervently. Then the pollution and psychological stress grew to the point where self-loathing replaced self confidence and completely irrational nihilistic woke hysteria took over.

The Origin of Party Politics….. Whigs and Tories

Economic Development for urban industrialists and Ethical Salvation for rural agriculturalists were ethically incompatible. I find the conceptual schema commonly used to differentiate fundamentally different ideologies, in other words, Conservative versus Liberal, seriously misleading. I prefer the older terminology; Whigs versus Tories. Confronted by organised businessmen and lawyers led by parliament who had earlier executed his father and founded a republic, King Charles II founded his own parliamentary party who became the Tories. The Whigs were led by businessmen many of whom had invested in the sugar plantations worked by slaves. They became immensely rich and bought land and titles to rival the traditional agricultural Tory aristocracy. Many Whigs joined the Conservative Party as fake conservatives and they are still a source of division amongst the traditional Tories.

But new forms of Christian theology based on feelings rather than facts (faith rather than works) disguised the cognitive dissonance which was later highlighted and partly healed by the sensual and aesthetic Romantic Revival of the early and mid nineteenth century. The secularisation of the new forms of Christianity created during the Reformation had already led to trade unions and voluntary professional associations replacing the old guilds. Social realism developed in narrative art forms. Identification was progressively transferred from the egotistic aristocrats to the neurotic middle-classes created during the Industrial Revolution, and finally extended to narcissistic industrial workers as angry victims. Unlike the crisis in revolutionary France, a fairly successful compromise between the traditionalist religious monarchy and the pragmatic economic parliament had been achieved earlier in England by the Glorious Revolution between 1688 and 1689 carried out by the Whig controlled parliament helped by the clever Queen Anne.

During he convulsions of the eighteenth century, with considerable military help from the French and financial help from the Dutch, who were both at war with the English at that time, the Whigs in America carried out a successful rebellion against their own British Constitutional Monarchy. The loyal Tory leaders and their supporters were driven into exile in Canada. The USA then invaded Canada to take their capital city but were beaten back. The Canadians then marched into the USA and burned the White House to the ground before being in turn successfully driven back to Canada following the battle of New Orleans. Rather than wasting time on this petty civil war the British had to turn all their attention to defeating Napoleon who represented a dangerous threat to western civilisation itself. Eventually the bullying French giant was brought back under control by the other European nations but they soon had a new authoritarian giant, Russia, to contend with.

The Absence of a Non-party-political Ethical Elite in the USA

In the now independent states in North America their Calvinistic Whig ideology of economic determinism, they referred to as ‘The American Dream’, required the assimilation of different cultures through their reductionist ‘melting pot’ philosophy. This progressively weakened the values of the founding Anglican (Episcopalian) elite and created an ethical vacuum progressively filled by the covert Machiavellian mafia power-politics of ward bosses. Mass immigration from non-Protestant counties and a duopoly of power alternating between two antagonistic political parties assumed in the Constitution to be an absolute necessary, did not produce national assimilation but increased the tribalism. Lack of any established ethical elite above political party loyalties meant that their institutions of race-based slavery which transitioned into apartheid, and the treatment of native Americans as children or even animals, was not ended ethically until the mid-twentieth century.

Until recently the Whig elite in the USA were exceptionalists who saw themselves morally as the Chosen People, the greatest free society in the world, guaranteed by the legally constructed golden cage of their sacred, untouchable constitution. Following their sudden affluence and almost complete control of the world’s banking system after the two world wars, they successfully projected their materialistic popular consumer culture through the mass media whilst bragging about their moral superiority. They meant by this freedom of opportunity to get rich and own things, rather than freedom of choice of belief, ethics, and life style within the Rule of Law already well established in the United Kingdom.

However, as a progressive nouveau-riche culture with an inferiority complex and a history of puritanical repression, they began to suffer from extreme narcissism which meant they increasingly needed to be loved. As a consequence they lacked the relaxed and inbuilt aristocratic self-confidence of the British establishment and the ability needed to empathise and relate to people living in poverty in the USA as well as empathising with foreign traditional cultures governed by undemocratic monarchs, princes, tribal chiefs, and high priests. Their global economic and political superiority had been obtained as much by exploiting the mistakes and misfortunes of others than by their own efforts. In spite of the desire of the talented and popular Tory-like Teddy Roosevelt, who became president by accident, they did not attempt to form an empire based on their unexpected political supremacy They hid behind the Monroe Doctrine and consequently could not act as the world’s policeman. They preferred to use Machiavellian tactics, concealed behind the skirts of the United Nations Organisation which they magnanimously housed in New York.

The Crude Power Behind the Fancy Scenery

Their hypocritical Whig ideology of supporting the overt political independence of small states, whilst making them covertly economically dependant on more powerful ones, led first to their creation of the League of Nations, which they collapsed during the 1930s when it did not suit their national interests, and then to their creation of the United Nations Organisation. This was basically a political front for their national interests which included destroying the British Empire and its traditional high status and trans-party-political network of hereditary rulers as the keystone. We must not forget that every patriotic American child is taught at school that the British Monarchy and British Empire represent an evil tyranny which against the odds they heroically rebelled against and overthrew. The Roman republic which, like the French revolutionaries, they admired and partly modelled themselves upon also had an emotional need to hate monarchy which led them to blindly worship upstart dictators as gods, ruling with the backing of plutocrats and unelected armed professionals. The USA was the society nearest to the classical Roman system of government, but it has unfortunately been rendered unstable by power politics copied from the Machiavellian Italian States which developed during the Renaissance.

Anti-imperialistic Imperialism

Since they could not openly turn their powerful country into an acknowledged empire, the founding of the League of Nations and then the United Nations was their Machiavellian strategy for subversive and irresponsible world domination. Whilst proudly boasting of their moral, economic and political support for struggles against other people’s imperialism, the USA has for a long time had colonies of its own in Central and South America and the Pacific. They are mostly economic colonies only and the USA bears no responsibility for their cultural beliefs and practices and instead operates in darkness behind the scenes with their corrupt and tyrannical governments which they can consequently manipulate more easily. Soviet Russia was also proudly anti-imperialist in its Communist theory (but certainly not in practice) and joined the USA in demolishing the British Empire and ‘liberating’ its colonies. With the backing of the UN they too began to provide money and weapons to support the ambitious new revolutionary communist leaders and to support the anti-British and anti-Dutch subversive movements like the ANC. Most resource-rich but bankrupt ‘independent’ African states are puppets run by kleptocrats or totalitarian states providing rich pickings for multinationals, or future bases for Communist China’s ‘anti-Imperialist’ plan for world domination by military conquest. Are any of them better off materially, politically, or spiritually than they were under British or even Dutch colonial rule? The anti-imperialist Chinese empire is growing fast either by horrendously violent conquest and occupation as in Tibet and Xinjiang or by tricking naive and corrupt governments into debt slavery.

Internal Imperialism – The rise of the Managerial State

In a quite different scenario, Klaus Schwab, through his personal creation the World Economic Forum that he established in 1971, has been providing the changes in the meaning of words like subjective “stakeholder Capitalism” to replace real investment capitalism and second-rate socio-economic jargon about a “fourth industrial revolution” needed to rationalise his long term plan for a totalitarian global takeover of the democratic nations. He is the current leader of the managerial revolution that James Burnham prophesied in his ‘The Managerial Revolution’ of 1941, and which inspired George Orwell to write ‘1984’ a few years later. Klaus Schwab’s humourless, brainwashed zombies, like Prime Ministers Justin Trudeau and Jacinda Ardern, with their hidden agendas, have been planted in political parties and are helping him to facilitate the actions of bankers, investors, and financial manipulators preparing to destroy the materiality of all currencies and to transfer them into digitised information. Then they can be transferred to WEF computors linked to the largest international financial institutions. The WEF is deliberately creating false panic about the end of the world over genuine but minor climate fluctuations they claim (in spite of the evidence) are caused by ‘unenlightened’ capitalism, in order to crush small independent businesses. As Napoleon knew only too well, such small autonomous enterprises are the best protection against the rise of tyrants and create effective pragmatic and non-ideological responses to unpredictable environmental changes. WEF plans are designed to give the Schwab-trained politicians, unelected welfare state bureaucrats, and multinational plutocrats more power to destroy small businesses and to impoverish the already poor to make them even more needy and impotent.

Using Fear To Drive People Into A Totalitarian Trap

Schwab was also patiently waiting for a pandemic to break out and years ago was running courses in Davos on how to make use of even a mild one to create panic and provide an excuse to weaken the rule of law in democracies. Then came Covid 19, a new flu virus which had almost certainly escaped from the biological warfare lab in Wuhan and was already infecting China. The Communist Party leaders used their puppet the World Health Organisation of the United Nations as a screen to hide behind to lie to the world about the role of the CCP lab in Wuhan and to inform the world officially that there was no potential for human transmission. Then, instead of stopping it there and then, they could let the highly infectious virus spread all over the world during the massive movement of people during the Chinese New Year. No-one is allowed to call it the ‘China Virus’ or ‘Wuhan Flu’ for fear of upsetting the tender feelings of the brutal, communist regime (criminals caught in the act always demonstrate righteous outrage). Covid 19 is just a highly infectious form of flu for which no real vaccine has yet been found, only therapeutic treatments and interventions. It is many, many, times less deadly than the Spanish Flu. The CCP also pioneered an unprecedented new response to a pandemic; compulsory lockdowns, cloth mask wearing, and dangerous untested fake vaccinations, totalitarian measures which their political dupes in the WHO and servile ministers in the democracies meekly copied without question. The Swedish government, like the state of Florida later, didn’t drink the communist Kool Aid with highly beneficial consequences for their peoples’ overall health and welfare. As those who drafted the Barrington Declaration informed the world, cloth-mask wearing and compulsory lockdowns imposed for public safety have on balance negative health effects. The scientific explanation for their rapid unquestioning adoption is not biological and medical but psychological, social and economic. They function spectacularly well as a ‘theatre of fear’, facilitating the rapid growth of party-run totalitarian police states through harsh imposition of unconstitutional ‘mandates’ without genuine scientific authority. This has seriously weakened the rule of law and the national economies of democracies. These mandates of government health departments have been completely closed to rational scientific debate and have created future significant mental and physical health problems for the public they were paid and trusted to serve. Nothing new, the Reign of Terror unleashed during the French Revolution was administered by the “Committee of Public Safety”.

The Spider at the Centre of the Global Web

These self-destructive policies of the democratic nations have made the ruthless power-hungry dictator Xi a good friend of the fanatics, fools, and crooks in the United Nations  (especially the WHO) and the World Economic Forum.  Schwab’s openly boasts about the numbers of his trained seals with their hidden agendas that have already been planted in naive and corrupt democratic national governments. They have allowed Xi to ignore the incredible restrictions of the Paris Agreement based on demonstrable lies about the rapidly approaching end of the world caused by burning fossil fuels. This big lie is being put out by the corrupted UN scientists of the IPPC and the WHO. Communist China, a world superpower, can build as many coal-fired power stations as they like and burn fossil fuels to their heart’s content. At the same time smaller European and North American democracies are crippled. Instead of acting in their own rational self interest and avoiding pollution by using gas, limiting plastic containers, and building small modular nuclear power plants, they are brainwashed to buy expensive, dangerously polluting, short-lived and unreliable renewable technologies. These are mostly made by slave labour in China and bring huge profits to the super-rich Western plutocrats who gather regularly at the Davos cult centre in their polluting private jets to celebrate their intellectual, political and moral superiority. President Xi would be delighted to provide the military part of the force needed to implement mad king Schwab’s planned millenarian Great Reset.

Those who find all this hard to believe must look beyond the information provided by the mainstream media and government approved scientific experts, who are highly politicised,  bribed, or threatened with cancellation, and are not to be trusted. Any interest in reasonably objective history that might disrupt their narrative has largely vanished from our schools and mass media. Political scientists are not interested in political policies, only power, and treat their subject as a kind of spectator sport. Meanwhile social scientists have become anti-social neo-Marxist Jacobeans, basing their ideology on Nietzsche’s insane theory of a Universal Will to Power that also inspired the Nazis. Their meaningless, feel-good, ‘woke’ ideology assumes that there is only personal ‘survival’, no such thing as honour or love or honesty or truth or playfulness for their own sakes, since only visceral hate, unquestionable useful lies, and dominating others by force is fundamentally real. Truly terrifying is that differing opinions and complaints about bullying and cancellation are dismissed, called ‘misinformation‘ and severely punished. The Fun Revolution relies on the practical assumption that laughter is not only the best medicine to avoid being driven mad, but the best weapon to use to push back against the deadly-earnest, cold-hearted, woke supremacists, who will never listen to reason and who, like all maniacs, deeply fear being laughed at. Fun revolutionaries can adopt the ‘useful fiction’ strategy of their lying enemies, but can chose harmless white lies based on love and common-sense practicality.

The End of History

History will judge us”. “We are on the right side of history.” “You can’t stop progress”, etc. etc. etc. In telling us this way what the meaning of life is all about, the managerial rulers of  the world simply replaced the outdated constructed ideology of God’s Will with the outdated constructed ideology of Historical Inevitability. As the eighteenth century Whig historian Gibbon put it “The Roman people regarded all religions as equally true, the Roman philosophers regarded all religions as equally false, and the Roman administrators regarded all religions as equally useful”. To a genuine existential postmodernist both God and History are man-made useful fictions. God was killed by neurotic, enlightened, materialistic philosophers. History is now perishing at the hands of woke, narcissistic, and fake postmodern academics. In addition to this, everyone in power, except psychopaths born with crippled brains who soon rise to the top of the vile heap, is suffering from the self-loathing produced by original sin and is desperately seeking redemption.                                              

We really need a ‘great reset’. Why not call a Jubilee Year? Not fast forward to certain chaos, to expiate the guilt of neurotic neo-philiacs, but cautiously and slowly back to the self-sufficient agricultural societies and perhaps even to the experiential and existential fun-loving hunter gatherer societies. Great Resets like this have been carried out before, when ancient rulers, who regarded history as ‘a bad thing’, announced Jubilee Years and, to the dismay of usurers, cancelled all debts, (but not pragmatic local fiat currencies). I see the Eternal Return of Nietzsche as more of a merry-go-round than a recurring nightmare. Economic debt is a useful fiction, but a very dangerous one. Announcing a Jubilee Year instead of the WEF’s proposed Great Reset is a political policy well worth considering right now and it would really delight the oppressed masses as well as peasants, hunters, fishermen and street entertainers. But it would of course completely discombobulate not only usurers and enlightened intellectuals with ideologies, but also the swarms of bureaucrats who are riding in the welfare state gravy-train. This accelerating steam locomotive is currently being driven by the divine algorithms of the plutocratic gods high up in Davos/Olympus. Aren’t they worried by the fact that there is no feedback in the form of a governor to release the rapidly-increasing populist pressure in the boiler?

My personal opinion is that only the forgiveness all of debts, spiritual and material, the key part of the Lord’s Prayer, can save us now. Institutions based on Logic alone are not working, institutions based on Love alone are not working. I am convinced that what has been lacking and never properly attempted to bring down the emotional pressure produced by catastrophic cognitive dissonance is light-hearted Levity and innocent child-like laughter at our stupidity and psychotic self-loathing.


“Except ye be as little children ye shall not enter the realm of Heaven on Earth.”


Footnote…..  Identity Politics.  A Bio-Psycho-Socio-Cultural Perspective

The public are currently being bombarded with news events involving ‘identity politics’ yet we are rarely provided with any critical thinking to clarify what this process actually involves. Identity politics takes many different forms and involves many different consequences. There are also several different components involved in the process of identification. The pioneer theorists in this field includes the early twentieth century sociologist George Mead, a philosophical pragmatist. He was interested in the psychology of ‘taking the role of the other’ through empathy, as in symbolic interaction. More recently Irving Goffman has described some unusual and fascinating aspects involving role acting. Those readers who are interested can Google these important thinkers.


Since we are in the midst of a culture war as great as that which took place during the Reformation we also need to clarify what we mean by culture. What Teilhard de Chardin called the Noosphere as distinct from the Biosphere we commonly call Culture, but of course it is more complex than that. The individual mind or psyche of an organism is not a material or even a biological phenomenon since it is more complex and more highly evolved than material and cellular biological phenomena. In the same way social phenomena can only take place when an individual organism is acting out a role in a narrative. This is more highly evolved than individual psychological phenomena as is shown in the behaviour of social animals. It is important to distinguish society from culture which is more complex and more highly evolved and hence more real than social phenomenon. Of course  in the reality of an evolving universe they are linked to each other in control and feedback loops.


Society is downstream from culture is the mantra of the Frankfurt School of political philosophers who initiated the deconstructive and highly anti-social neo-Marxist culture wars raging today in which, by targeted social deconstruction, culture is being destroyed, not reformed, or revitalised. This is an historical re-run of The Terror carried out by the Jacobins during the French Revolution.  The present controllers of reality are going a step further. They are acting on the assumption that individual behaviour is downstream from society. Social cohesion is destroyed by targeted reduction to the individual psychology of hurt personal feelings which are then confirmed through identification with others, especially in mobs. In other words, self-identification or pure narcissism.


The most insane of all forms of deconstruction, with powerful legal and political support for concealed political reasons, is the attempted reduction down to the cellular level. Even genetically-programmed male and female organisms are encouraged to subjectively insist that they are located wherever they like on a nonsensical continuum of what they call ‘gender identity’. Social roles and some behaviour can be both subjective and objective and are not tied to genetically-determined objective sexual identity. However, an objective continuum of gender identity cannot be established, not even by legislation based on coercion, as currently with pronouns. However at the cultural level of complexity it is possible to construct a partly subjective continuum between femininity and masculinity. At the hypothetical highest level of the soul, androgynous unity between Anima and Animus (Yin and Yang in the East) has been the aim and the subject of hundreds of years of discussion by alchemists, philosophers, theologians, and recently by depth psychologists.


Deconstruction is not ipso facto a ‘bad thing’ and helps in the creation, destruction, or corrections of hypotheses, and can be used to deal with rigid monopolies of power, belief, and money. Claiming that in the hierarchy of reality the less complex and less evolved lower levels are ‘more real’ than than the levels above is not rational but blind ideological materialism. Deconstructing cultural reality into social reality as socialists do for emotional reasons is reaction formation. ‘Re-imagine’ influential intellectuals ‘deconstructing’ neo-Marxist political theory (a cultural phenomenon) to its origins in ambitious, power-crazed, woke individuals and then cancelling them.