A new explanation of the workings of the universe. (not just astrophysics).

A Key to Process Theory

Reading scientific and philosophical papers on Process Theory can be very confusing. This simplified diagrammatic representation should be very useful in explaining the processes which are assumed in the hierarchy of levels in this cosmology.

The Reluctant Cosmologer

A general introduction to the new cosmology which combines a ‘process’ approach with dynamic fields of ‘involving’ intention and ‘self-organisation’ of the evolving phenomenon. There are some similarities with the ideas of A.N.Whitehead, Tiehard de Chardin, Rupert Shelldrake and Prigogine/Jantsch.

A Thought Experiment

Dr Derek Banks wrote this article in 1981 to present the ideas behind the Wizard’s planned thought experiment in ‘collective illusion’.

Wizards Glyph

This is the synthetic diagram which came into my head in 1968 and led to the creation of the cosmology.

The Tree of Life Diagram

Showing the overall interrelationships between dynamics, kinematics and their interaction as eventuality or process.    A systems model.


The Kinematics

The hierarchy (holarchy) of evolving self-organising phenomena and the operation of tension resolution or reduction.


An alternative diagrammatic way of showing the processes of election and selection making up evolution.


The Physics of The New Cosmology

An early article by Dr Derek Banks who, in the 1970s assisted The Wizard in providing a physical base for the unified cosmology.

Converging Identity

Involving identity from ‘nothing’ (or nobody), to ‘me’ representing the personalisation of the universe achieved should The Wizard be successful in attracting world wide attention in the media for his internet experiment.

Converging Time

Events from the Big Bang or ‘never’ (impossible) to ‘now’ (inevitable) the time of the proposed internet virtual reality experiment by The Wizard as Living Work of Art.

Converging Space

From ‘nowhere’ (location of the Big Bang) to ‘here’, the location of the virtual reality internet experiment.

Unified Eros and Psyche


Aspiring to transcend historical reality the shaman attempts to ascend by bringing identity space and time into convergence as “Me Here Now”.