A new word has been coined to describe the ideological bias of large numbers of people in the industrialised world previously referred to by such terms as Liberal, Democratic, Socialist, Left Wing, Labour etc. The word is WEIRD. In “The Righteous Mind”, a recent book by Jonathan Haidt, an academic interested in both social psychology and anthropology, the term WEIRD is used to describe the personal characterises of most of the present world leaders and their advisers. It is an acronym for Western Educated Industrialised Rich Democrat and is turning up in other critiques of our present situation, like Jared Diamond.

Weirds make up about 90% of the researchers and student volunteers who study social, psychological and historical phenomena and make recommendations to government departments run by similar people. Weirds are still only a small proportion of the world’s population, most of whom are comparatively poor, religious, non-western-educated, non-industrialised people living in traditional societies fast being destroyed by Weirds in their arrogant certainty that they know best. Even Greenpeace and the Green Parties not only resemble the movements that gave rise to Nazism in Germany but they have a fundamentally Weird ideological outlook and not only have no understanding of the importance of traditional religious foundations and hierarchical status systems but are actively hostile to them. An absurd situation has now developed. The eminent sociologist Edward Shils points out in his recent book “Tradition” that no one is more bound by unquestioning obedience to tradition than western educated intellectuals who have had an emotional need for generations now to be “modernists”, who are traditionally opposed to tradition!