Wizard vs Davros and his Daleks

                         DAVROS AND HIS DALEKS versus WIZARD WHO



A hundred and fifty years ago the Iron Age began to be succeeded by the Electric Age which rendered obsolete the materialistic model of the universe as a machine made up of things in space, created in the 17th century. Since early in the 20th century the reductionist scientists employed by the soulless and heartless military-industrial complex had been working day and night to unleash the massive energy that would result from splitting the atom to power their industry and bully their enemies. The use of electricity to power the new civilisation had already destabilised the social system as information could now flow at the speed of light. Slow flows of printed information in political bureaucracies had previously provided some time for deliberation and reconsideration. Bureaucracies, especially in the form of political parties, escaped from the control of those they were formed to serve. In all fields of endeavour they became not only the means but the end of human cultural aspirations. Lacking effective feedback, they lost contact with the real world and became absurd.  Not taking these fools seriously meant cancellation without reason or appeal.


                                                The Narrative


Once upon a time there were two wizards who both emerged from the universities which were suffering an epistemological crisis as the Electronic Age impacted on them. Since 1971, from his base at the Cosmological Research and Development Centre at Melbourne University, the official voluntary and unbureaucratised Wizard appointed by the World University Service, began making ready for the forth-coming battle for control of the symbolic man-made universe by becoming a a publicly recognised living work of art. The Wizard has the advantage of an unusual ability to resist being intellectually sucked down by the magical gravity of the inexplicable cosmocentric singularity of the Big Bang. He assumes this follows from being unusually inspired by control from the magical levity of the inexplicable cosmocentric singularity of Heaven. All levels of reality can be described as resulting from interaction between these two vibrating ‘force fields’. No other theory can be advanced even in modern physics today. He realised that the playful expression of personal free will in roles not getting their meaning from the utilitarian ideologies that control the military-industrial complex was more existential fun than grim, ego-enhancing religious or economic determinism. You can’t defy God’s Will or Historical Progress.


                        A Rival Wizard rises in the bankers state of Switzerland

In the same year Klaus Schwab, a brilliant managerial manipulator and mediocre engineer, opened his World Economic Forum in Davos. He is appropriately referred to in this essay as ‘Davros’ since his master plan is to marginalise and demoralise all human cultures by transforming an elite of suggestible human beings into programmed managers lacking in any traditional human spiritual characteristics. This programmed managerial elite, called Young Global Leaders, are essentially like the Daleks created by Davros in the fictional narratives in the television  “Dr Who” series but with a difference! The original crude expressionless Daleks were inspired both by the warmongering National Socialists of Germany and the International Socialists of Soviet Russia. Their lack of subtlety, brutality and complete absence of any sense of humour made it it easy to recognise them. The only human thing about them was the shrivelled little bodies that controlled them from inside their emotional or intellectual ‘armouring’, so well described by the radical psychotherapist Wilhelm Reich. All Dalek intellects have become digitised ‘zero sum’ electronic responses and can only ‘obey’ or ‘exterminate’. They slavishly follow the commands of their master Davros issued through algorithms, no matter how absurd and irrational. Appeals to being politically correct or Woke means “Obey”, and Cancel means “Exterminate” if you don’t capitulate without question. There is no room for debate. This is the ‘zero-sum’ Flat Earth they inhabit.


                                     The new Dalek 2.0 Young Global Leaders

Grim and angry old Daleks were rendered obsolete in non-communist states after 1990. Davros learned from the huge numbers of psychologists of persuasion (PR and HR managers and second-hand car salesmen) who create and sustain the highly-polluting consumerism that the plutocratic USA unleashed on the world in the 1950s. They have been upgraded by Davros at his HQ in the World Economic Forum to the new Dalek 2.0 model. These more human-appearing Daleks are already being embedded in important political and economic institutions in democratic societies whose expanding welfare-state programmes have largely replaced previously less centralised and conflated institutions. This has had the effect of giving unprecedented power to party politicians.


Young Global Leaders are now being trained in the trendy new HR language of smiling, nodding and hand gestures previously used by door-to-door salesmen, to conceal their old Dalek intellectual armouring. Now we must ‘obey’ all mandates, however absurd and cruel they may seem, because they are issued by the new Daleks ‘for your own good’ and ‘for the good of the community’. Fundamentally however, nothing has changed. If you don’t ‘obey’ them you will be ‘exterminated’. In woke language it means you now will be cancelled ‘for the good of others’. Their lack of doubt, like that of all zero-sum fanatics, was memorably captured by Yeats in his despairing poem of ‘The Second Coming’ written in 1919, a tragic time in the history of Ireland. “The best lack all conviction whilst the worst are full of passionate intensity”.


As he boasts in his WEF websites Davros is currently developing forms of artificial intelligence to be surgically implanted into what he believes to be inferior human physiognomy.  How this could take place is the subject of “That Hideous Strength” a prophecy by C.S.Lewis written during the war between the Christian British Empire and Hitler’s programmed Nazi old style Daleks. The war had enormously increased the powers of the secular state administrators and the education system was re-engineered to produce little but welfare-state bureaucrats and mechanical or electrical engineers.


The shrivelled corpse-like body of Davros/Schwab is so detached from human feelings that he is being driven blindly by his unconscious need to exterminate his critics by the time-honoured trick of threatening everyone that, unless they obey him and his programmed cult members without debate, the world will end in a few years time either by the planet becoming uninhabitable or mass death from a deadly pandemic. He is promising his Young Global Leaders and the richest men on the planet that if they drive the rest of the population of the world down into becoming starving peasants they themselves will become the masters of the universe, living in luxury surrounded by highly-polluting consumer goods that they alone will be allowed to own. His job is to provide the psychological, sociological and managerial gobbledegook needed to accomplish this feat of mass deception.


         Bureaucrats living off compulsory taxes pushed the Workers’ heroes off the stage

A hundred years ago the old-fashioned tenured Marxist apparatchiks in the universities were suddenly intellectually outsmarted by the neo-Marxists like Gramsci who saw western civilisation itself as the enemy. The Frankfurt school, who admired pragmatists like Lenin and Mao rather than intellectuals like Marx, realised that strictly bureaucratic decision making and state violence was the only effective means to achieve victory. In 1968 their followers started the “long march through the institutions” (initially only in non communist states of course). Marx had turned Hegel’s determinism upside-down and adopted Nietzsche’s ‘will to power’ which was based on mistaking Darwin’s early materialistic evolutionary theory as ‘survival of the fittest’. The most cooperative and sociable, or most resilient, or most intelligent organisms, or those with sheer Bergsonian ‘elan vital’, did not appeal to Marxists as the dynamic of all evolution. The idea of ‘survival of the fittest’ appealed much more to their deep visceral hatred of the rich rather than the warm fuzziness of love for the poor. This was the main motivator of traditional communist party members who had deformed their consciousness by eating of the evil fruit of the tree of zero-sum knowledge of what is good and what is evil.


During past few years the upper middle class leaders of the neo-Marxist ‘march through the institutions’ have been throwing the poor working classes and their leaders under the bus, calling them ‘alt right populists’. The old Marxists had been dismayed and demoralised that the capitalist system had been reformed to the point where the working classes were rapidly being transformed by “embourgeoisement” into an upwardly mobile middle-class. They were forming a huge new class defined not only by political power but were physically healthier and had more access to material things. What Marx called alienation created by the ‘fetishism of commodities’, Ruskin, Gandhi and Atlee and other non-materialist cultural leaders saw as corruption of the soul. The cultural degradation of the transcendental values of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness became a tsunami in the dumbed down Consumer Society that followed the deconstruction of the cultural elites already weakened by the satanic despair of modernist intellectuals and the ruthless bureaucratically organised egalitarian mass movements that rose during the 1930s and the Second World War.


The first ex-communist intellectual to realise the future implications of this fundamental change in Western Civilisation and to write an important book about it, was James Burnham in “The Managerial Revolution” written in 1941. This was the main inspiration for another more readable book written soon afterwards by a disillusioned socialist, George Orwell’s “1984”. This is a sort of handbook for Dalek-like managers whose only universal transcendental value is power.  Burnham prophesied the ultimate triumph of either the German National Socialist Workers Party or the Soviet Communist Party in the war. As an historian in the American Whig tradition, he did not realise that, in spite of the heartless Enlightenment ideology of the Whigs, Tory values still existed in England in particular and the British Empire as a whole. In “Reflections on the Revolution in France”, Edmund Burke best described the counter-revolutionary alternative. In a crisis they could be awakened by such fully human charismatic adventurers as William Pitt the Younger, Benjamin Disraeli and Winston Churchill. Once endorsed by the transpolitical sacred monarchy, they could build up the high morale engendered in the populist fightback to return the smug self-righteous bourgeois control freaks to their poisonous boxes. The sense of humour, essential in times of great danger, advanced considerably during these Great Cultural Resets and periods of Building Back British.                  


                                                     The Year Zero

Promising a Utopian “Year Zero” is the aim of all power-mad left-wing totalitarian maniacs like Robespierre, Lenin, Mao and Pol Pot, like the millenarian religious fanatics before them. Another is the approaching Great Reset, Klaus/Davros year zero moment. Recent compulsory ‘Covid Zero’ mandates, like lockdowns, mask-wearing, and vaccination mandates, and current compulsory ‘net zero carbon’ emissions targets, are like the zero votes against brutal dictators demanded in egalitarian ‘peoples democracies’. There is no room for compromise or even informed debate it’s either agree and obey and go woke, or you will quickly find yourself accused of communicating misinformation, labelled publicly as a far right extremist, and end up jobless, friendless and broke. The bubble of fear and servile obedience to totalitarian mandates deliberately built up by health  bureaucrats burst when it became clear that Covid wasn’t the Black Death after all. It was just an unusually infectious new form of influenza genetically engineered by influential Chinese and American public servants who let it escape from their biological warfare lab in Wuhan and couldn’t be brought under control by force, no matter how hard they tried. The second weapon in their armoury of panicking the trusting masses with false science is Climate Change which is about to be released as part of Davros’ ‘Great  Reset’. The algorithms are currently being sent out from Davos like a plague of locusts. Young school children are being terrified out of their wits by being told by their teachers that the world will end in a few years time and are being organised like the medieval Children’s Crusade and sent out into streets to wave banners in the faces bewildered adults in order to frighten them too. Independent Scientists who have nothing to gain from lying and have enough courage to speak out regard the ‘Climate Emergency’ as just another trick by the Daleks controlled by the WEF, the bribed UN, and Communist China’s imperialistic ambitions. Their evil aim is to bring Western Civilisation to its knees. A temperature rise of about one degree Celsius cannot be seen as being caused by Carbon Dioxide which is not a polluting gas but actively encourages plant growth. However, if lowering emissions of carbon dioxide gas is believed to be the only way ‘to save the world’, it can easily be done by building small modular atomic power stations.


How could one evil wizard achieve such immense power over mankind? By his centralisation of electronic communication between his computers in Switzerland and his links with the international banks and massive Californian tech giants with their recent monopoly of control over electronic communication and opinion amazingly still free from government oversight and regulation. Davros/Kraus has been able to transmit control and feedback algorithms globally through a world now connected by instantaneous electrical communication. His approaching Great Reset is when these can saturate and filter all communication aimed at concentrating and monopolising power into his own hands and those of his close ally, President Xi Jinping, without being stopped. The Zero Sum totalitarian thinking of the media monopolies are vibes of despair carefully aimed at our nervous systems and are deliberately designed to use Orwellian newspeak to call the truth “misinformation’ and trigger fear and panic. These are now even more influential than the bribes offered to corrupt UN agencies by the anti-imperialist empires of the USA, Russia and China who since WW2  have been destroying traditional, non mafia-run, democracies. His ultimate aim is clearly stated on his World Economic Forum website. It is to ‘exterminate’ material money completely and make the banks channel all electronic currencies through his computers in Switzerland.


So why is the Wizard of NZ in spite of what what seems obvious political, intellectual and economic failure, still ‘carrying on regardless’ with his Fun Revolution? As Einstein repeatedly pointed out a century ago, the universe as a whole ecosystem is not fundamentally a material phenomenon. “Concerning matter, we have been all wrong. What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses. Matter is spirit reduced to point of visibility. There is no matter.” The Cosmos is more accurately understood as an evolving electromagnetic, physical, biological, psychological, social and cultural process of more and more refined and finely tuned vibrations. For some time now evolving reality has been best described in terms of Information Theory. In other words it is comprised of hierarchically-ordered and interconnected control and feedback processes with evolution through qualitative upgrading. Process Theory which developed from pragmatism in university schools of philosophy in the mid 20th century, ‘deconstructs’ the old universe of things in space-time driven by chance, into intention and experience-defining events at all higher levels of complexity.


The coincidence of two ambitious wizards aiming at taking over control of the man-made universe at exactly the same time but in opposite ways (stupid fear versus wise fun) can be partly explained by theorists like Teilhard de Chardin and Gregory Bateson who see inter-related human culture systems as a giant ecosystem they call the noosphere. This Metaphor has great power in changing the lenses we use to perceive reality, as this essay attempts to demonstrate. Those who “keep their heads whilst all about them are losing theirs, and blaming it on you”, and say what they really think, risk being psychologically, socially, and culturally ‘exterminated’ by Davros’ programmed Daleks. Thousands of these monsters disguised as humans are spellbound by the evil control and feedback flow of deconstructive algorithms coming out of Davos and going straight into the welcoming computers of the communication tech giants in California and from there into the world’s electronic media platforms and newspapers. Whilst the rule of law, pioneered and spread throughout the world particularly by the British Empire, is still partially operating in the democracies, free speech advocates are not being killed but may be imprisoned or blacklisted for spreading ‘disinformation’, which like the power word ‘woke’ has no specific meaning. Disobeying Daleks leads to a process called ‘cancelling’, (not ‘exterminating’, to avoid  waking up the spell-bound dupes).


For the past fifty years the neurologically-modified cult followers of Klaus/Davros have been progressively inserted by the World Economic Forum into political, economic, educational, and cultural institutions throughout the democracies. They are programmed to ‘eliminate’ Western Civilisation far more efficiently than the perpetually angry and spiteful old Steam Age communists. Human Resource experts in fake sincerity are now being employed by Klaus/Davros to hide the true inhuman nature of his trained ‘young global leader’ humanoid Daleks. HR managerial upgrades are now available; smiles and animated gestures accompanied by word-salad and expressions of sincere regret, now accompany their exterminations, like the Walrus and the Carpenter in “Alice in Wonderland”. The next stage according to his own WEF website is the surgical implant of electronic AI devices into the human body which not only groom their desire for shiny objects and addiction to bad vibration music but act as finely tuned surveillance monitors for Big Brother or Big Sister and their totalitarian police states based on a social credit hierarchy. Then they can dispense with the fake-human HR modifications and act like the Stasi.


The great enemy of Davros and his programmed Daleks is a mysterious magical outsider with special light-hearted vibes, also known for his hilarious association with old English telephone boxes in New Zealand. He doesn’t take himself seriously and even refuses to take Davros and the would-be masters of the world controlled by their master in Davos as seriously as they take themselves. He has chosen to live in an upside down world and what appears to be an inverted model of the physical universe where the inside is apparently much larger than the outside. He knows that Dalek intellectuals are reductionists with no sense of any higher reality. They can only make progress on flat ‘premises’ and are greatly disconcerted by being skilfully ‘sent up’ intellectually. He drives them mad by making use of cunning oriental defence techniques, using their clumsy attempts to cancel him to increase his mysterious control over them. As an officially-recognised living work of art, no one has any idea who he really is or what his next move will be, or when. He regards the British Royal family and the feudal officials who serve them, as an extremely resilient existential living work of art in progress. The recent funeral of Queen Elizabeth has demonstrated to everyone the world-wide power of a synthesis of Beauty, Truth and Goodness to politically transcend the inefficiency, ugliness, lies, and evil intentions of the United Nations, political parties claiming totalitarian mandates with no opposition tolerated, and the out-of-control welfare state bureaucracies including the universities, schools, and mass media. Whist the rich are getting richer at an unprecedented rate, they are rapidly dragging the rest of the world down to extreme psychological misery and economic impoverishment.


In 1968 before revealing his identity as a ridiculous ‘outsider’ wizard he realised that in the university arts departments students were responding to mysterious ‘vibes’ to destroy the hippies’ alternative society, based on existential love and good vibrations, that had boomed in the mid 1960s, and instead to hate themselves and our own civilisation. These vibes were coming from outside academia and even Australasia. He prepared for the coming storm, using paradoxical humour and copying the communication skills of Marshall McLuhan, the Canadian academic literary critic and ‘electronic prophet’ who announced the opening and ontological implications of the new post-literate Electronic Age. In August 1969 he was appointed Wizard of the University of NSW and later that year, at their annual conference in Europe, he was appointed official Wizard of the World University Service charged with revitalising the increasingly bureaucratised universities.


Influenced by the non-reductionist, Christianised, but existential and evolving cosmology of the palaeoanthropologist Teilhard de Chardin, he set up his Cosmological Research and Development Centre at Melbourne University in 1971, popularly known as the Department of Levity. His own academic background included study of Talcott Parson’s evolving but non-materialistic structural-functional Sociology of Action, which is hierarchically-organised and based on recently-developed Information Theory. Conflating these with ethology and Jungian non-individualistic and non-ethnocentric depth psychology he created the outlines of a completely new subjective and existential process cosmology. For lack of any other suitable term at that time, he referred to it as postmodern and began to teach it to a few students and to test it out on the academic community as a continuing part of his successful fun revolution to humanise bureaucrats, which had led to his appointment as official Wizard. It was also useful in ‘discombobulating’ fanatical Maoist students in the increasingly totalitarian student union bureaucracies in Australia. They were driven by the hysterical desire to tear down Western Civilisation so that they could participate in the unstoppable overseas-orchestrated, neo-Marxist ‘march through the institutions’ that began in the late 1960s.


By contrast, Davros/Klaus is a psychopathic technological determinist, a messianic manager out of touch with contemporary physical science. Davros invented the concept of the “stakeholder” in capitalist enterprises. This enables political propagandists to claim that shareholders who risk their own money as investments have no moral right decide the legal policies of their own creations. Politically motivated outsiders using emotional blackmail pressurise managers to adopt policies that are not economic but political. This is the end of voluntary entrepreneurial capitalism based on economic determinism and the triumph of bureaucratic determinism. Go woke, go Broke. A few words here about economic technology. The four stages in ‘industrialisation’ Davros announces are a misreading of stages in adopting new technologies to harness different sources of energy which are linked to essential changes in human consciousness. His real master plan is to join forces with Dictator Xi to change us all into humourless Daleks terrified of disobeying their masters. I will list the common sense understanding of the meaning of technological revolutions. Some observations about the nature of reality by the provocative Einstein are also quoted in a footnote.


The Static Stone Age Agricultural Revolution was based on the technology of fertility, whilst continuing the hunter-gatherer use of wood and water-flow for energy, and hard stones, like flint, for tools and weapons. Agriculture depends on the religious legitimation of the rulers by intellectual experts in the efficient domestication of plants, animals and humans, enforced by land-owning warrior kings. Eventually metal tools appeared and progressed in empires based on copper (notably Egypt), to bronze (like the Fertile Crescent, the Mediterranean, India and China) and finally to iron.


Expansive Iron Age Mercantile Revolution was the next big socio-cultural shift after the transition from comparatively stable Stone Age religion, to dynamic Mercantile materialism. Learning to smelt plentiful iron ore created the Iron Age which was the foundation of the rapid spread of different civilisations throughout Eurasia. The use of iron led to the rapid development of cheap, strong, and efficient tools, and the growth of craft markets in big cities.  Huge empires arose based on international trading, and massive wars over raw materials. Rome is the archetypical example of a pre-industrial Iron Age empire. The landowning Roman plutocracy had superb civil engineers, reliable concrete, and the iron technology needed to build and operate steam engines that already existed as toys. Why did they chose to rely on slave labour rather than to industrialise agriculture, abolish slavery which treats humans as livestock and create a mobile wage labour force which treats humans like slot-machines? It took a change of consciousness, not technological innovation in itself, to facilitate the next big shift in human civilisation.


Society is downstream from culture. Ideologies based on believing that increased fertility is the basic meaning of life sustained many agricultural civilisations. The invention of writing led leisured religious intellectuals gathered in ecclesiastical institutions to develop elaborate virtual-reality systems based on various forms of ego manipulation, all assuming belief in immortality. As markets and trading in goods expanded fast,  the ideological foundations of agricultural civilisation, fertility and dualism (immortality of a separate human soul) were being replaced by the soulless, proto-robotic, ideology of materialism. The symbolic code for economic progress as the meaning of life depends on a necessary ‘disenchantment of the world’. This had been provided earlier by the first intellectually-validated, plutocratic government in world history, the democratic Greek traders in the Eastern Mediterranean. It was self-destructive and short-lived. Previously the only major change in technology had been from hunter-gathering to agriculture. The creation and maintenance of this earlier change of consciousness by mentally deformed intellectuals, backed up by a monopoly of violence or communication skills, or both, had originally been needed for future-oriented agriculture to displace existential fun in being alive. This was the origin and function of irrational belief in The Fall of Man into some sort of original sin and consequent need for future redemption.


Industrialisation is not just a change of technology but its apogee in capitalism represents a complete change of human culture. This necessary change in consciousness occurred during the Reformation in Europe. The obvious corruption of the materialistic banker-popes during the earlier classical Renaissance, and then Bibles and anti-clerical pamphlets, newly printed in the growing towns, led to widespread alienation from institutionalised religion during the insane wars of the Reformation. Subjective bourgeois individualism, ‘each man his own priest’ and ‘justification by personal faith alone without works’ (an early form of ‘woke’) were the theological justifications for the Protestants who embraced the great evil of Usury to achieve righteous material ‘progress’. Usury and amoral bureaucratic organisation is a necessary part of complex plutocracies but it is essential for egalitarian socialist societies completely dependent on bullying and censorship.


   Some statements by Albert Einstein which concur with the views The Wizard held in 1971


“Concerning matter, we have been all wrong. What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses. Matter is spirit reduced to the state of visibility. There is no matter.”

We are souls dressed up in sacred biochemical garments and our bodies are the instruments through which our souls play their music.” “Our separation from each other is an optical illusion.”

“The religion of the future will be a cosmic religion. It will transcend a personal God and avoid dogma and theology”. “The common idea that I am an atheist is based on a big mistake. Anyone who interprets my scientific theories this way, did not understand them.”

“Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.” “Everything is energy and that is all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you can not help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.” “When something vibrates, the electrons of the entire universe resonate with it. Everything is connected. The greatest tragedy of human existence is the illusion of separateness.” “Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.” “Time does not exist – we invented it. Time is what the clock says. The distinction between the past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.”

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