Death and the Magus

The Twentieth Century Bloodbaths

The Second World War was not fought as a struggle for more possessions by rival nationalist Christian Monarchies. A new scientific spirit even more ruthless than the Prussian war machine had come into the world. In Germany the National Socialist Workers Party led by Hitler adopted the scientific doctrine of eugenics inspired by Darwin’s theory which was also very popular in the USA, and combined it with Theosophy, a Western adaptation of Hinduism, which had influence amongst anti-Christian intellectuals in the UK. Eugenics had led to the sterilisation of “unfit” human beings and theosophy preached that inferior races like the Negroes, Mongolians, and the Semitic Arabs and Jews would be replaced by an Aryan super race.


In war-torn Russia a successful revolution institutionalised Marxism, another secular ideology based on a mechanistic Social Darwinist interpretation of economic history. As the urban bourgeoisie with business skills had successfully revolted against the landed aristocracy by recognising their common interests as a class and organising themselves, so factory workers who toiled together in close association would realise their common interests and overthrow the bourgeoisie. The moral element of the theory is that the new industrial working classes contributed “real” value in the form of labour whereas the middle classes were parasites who exploited the workers and should be eliminated. This was an historical process that could not be stopped but could be helped along by caring and enlightened middle class intellectuals writing manifestos etc.


There followed unprecedented bloodbaths of millions of non-Aryans in Germany and in Russia the slaughter of tens of millions of peasants, petty bourgeois entrepreneurs, priests and aristocrats. Later following collapse of their ancient monarchy the Chinese intellectuals copied the Russians and the slaughter of their own people even exceeded what took place in Russia. In spite of these appalling horrors intellectuals in the state bureaucracies in the West are so infected by Social Darwinism and Rousseau’s reductionist General Will that they still regard religious constitutional monarchies as irrational survivals that should be replaced with purely secular nationalist republican governments.