Some highly original ideas you are not likely to find elsewhere.

Romantic Love and Marriage in The Post Industrial Age  (new)
An intriguing proposal for a new form of marriage suitable for romantic women who prize independence from child rearing and men who value freedom from consumerism.
 Is Science Rational ? (new)
Speculative philosophy provides the core of scientific world views but orthodox scientists react irrationally when faced with a major paradigm shift. Martin Gardner v Mostafa Abdelkader and the inversion of the Copernican model of the solar system.
Girls just want to have fun
My years as an academic sociologist and graduate in theoretical psychology are helpful in applying logical analysis to the problem of proposing reforms in traditional male and female roles which demands cool thinking.
The Inside-Out Universe
One of the main driving forces behind the development of science since its creation during the renaissance and reformation periods, has been the attempt to produce complete generality in the formulation of the laws of Nature.
Reuniting Physics and Metaphysics
Since the emergence of Relativity Theory it is now clear that there are no absolute frames of reference. Now we design a new universe based on creative choice.
Double Dilemmas
Useful diagrams showing dichotomies developing between political and economic and between moral and intellectual realities in the ancient world and the modern world.
A Thought Experiment
Encounters with inexplicable phenomena, whether at first hand or by report, have all too often distorted the vision of the investigators who frequently become amateur prophets of bizarre cosmologies or withdraw into a hysterical defense of puritanical scientific rationalism.
Journey to the centre of the Universe
The document produced by The Wizard just before his attempt to dematerialise and travel through the centre of the universe.
The Philosophy of Histories
All cultural events of mankind are regarded as materialisations in space-time; events such as schools of sculpture, music, philosophy, sacred and profane literature, architecture and science.
The Imperial British Conservative    Party

I founded the Imperial British Conservative party in New Zealand in 1974 having stood three times as an independent candidate in the Australian general elections. I fully realise that the mere mention of such words as “Imperial”, “British” or “Conservative” is likely to produce shudders of horror or mocking laughter. However, before rejecting my terminology out of hand, I beg the reader to temporarily suspend his or her educational conditioning.
Transforming Reality
As the Modern Industrial Age is superseded by the Electronic Information age, wizardry will flourish and scientists will be relegated to the role of technicians. As God and the Church was replaced by Nature and the University so the latter will be replaced by Wizards and the World Wide Web