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  1. Dear Mr Wizard,

    thank you for the interesting perspective given in your podcasts, I work with VR, AR and RR. Would like to know more about the Oamaru adventures sometime

    Kind regards, Jim

  2. Dear Wizard, after a 25 year long gap year, I have returned to University to study music (my first time round was fine art), and am enjoying bringing these two disciplines together (if they were ever separate!) in my Experimental Music Practice course. Thank you for your work – I just wanted to let you know that I will be referencing it, and hope that the magic will spread!
    Best wishes, Marsha Burke

  3. Dear Mr Wizard,

    Is there any way I can purchase a physical copy of that wonderful upside-down map, with the inside-out universe on the other side? I bought one off you many years ago, but I seem to have misplaced it, and would like another copy.

    Best wishes,


  4. Dear Wizard,
    I’ve been slowly building a virtual indie game studio with the help of a few friends. The working title for our long-term game project is “Wizard Island”, and it is (as one might well surmise) wizard-centric. Writing a world that is compelling and fun to play, while also treating its emergent themes with due respect, has been challenging.
    If you would be interested, I’d love to send you more details and get your insights.
    Thanks for reading!

  5. Dear ‘The’
    Is it ok for for me to call you “The” as on your driver’s license? Well, “The”, do you EVER plan to retire? You’re pushing 90, right? Are you REALLY immortal? How does that work? Will the world ever have Ari Freeman as Wizard 2.0?
    Best wishes & Happy Christmas,

    1. Dear John,
      Thanks for your Xmas wishes. My official first name is The but I prefer to be called Jack. I’m not employed by anyone so I can’t ‘retire’. Ari will have to make his own way as I did. No inheritance or bureaucratic appointment. Just Love Logic and Levity.

  6. Dear Wizard! Happy Birthday! All the best to you! So that you have the strength and desire to make this world better and happier as before! The best people in the Universe were born on December 4. I say this with complete confidence, since my son was also born on this day!
    With deep respect and respect, Irina.

    1. Dear Irina,
      If you send me your email address I can send you a numerological demonstration of the importance of Dec 4th.
      LLL, Jack…Wizard of NZ

  7. Dearest Wizard

    I wish to be your successor, I can learn your ways and teach the future generations the way of the blob; please let me know if I am a worthy candidate,

    much love,

    1. Dear Sam,
      Send me your email address so I can send you more of my stuff. I need to see a few wizards in the UK to fight the Blob with guerilla warfare of the mind.
      LLL Jack

  8. Wizard,

    While I know you have no intentions to retire I too wish to awaken the Wizard I am within. I’m in the Commonwealth (Canada) and would love a experienced mentor as yourself. Where to begin? I posted my intention on a reddit post, centered on your Article and that’s garnered some small attention. Can you guide my journey?

    1. Dear Dan,
      Canada, being in the British Commonwealth, is a good culture to work within. At present the only academically-sophisticated wizards I know are here or in the USA. At present I am the only Archwizard, though there is an Archdruid in the USA. Start with reading my book “The Fun Revolution; Jack’s Adventures in Ideologyland’. Having been in the Boy Scouts is usually a good start.
      LLL, Jack, Wizard of NZ

  9. Wizard,

    I am writing to you to inquire about the opening position of Wizard of New Zealand. I am very motivated and interested in learning your various magics. Give me a fair shot at making this real.


    1. Dear James,
      My book “The Fun Revolution; Jack’s Adventures in Ideologyland,” is due out in a few days as an e book. Once you have started to “mark read and inwardly digest” the essays and narratives we can correspond and you could become an apprentice. My approach to wizardry is that it’s not an ideology but a craft that appeals to people who are above all pragmatists.

      Love logic and levity
      Jack, Wizard of NZ

  10. Mr. Wizard, I am thrilled to find you in New Zealand! nothing is a coincident. but please tell me your tricks on how to avoid being “given psychotherapy”?

    1. Dear Janine’
      Every case is different. catch up with me at the Custard Square Bookshop outside the a\Arts Centre. Wed -Fri lunchtimes.

      Wizard Jack

  11. Hi Mr. Wizard,
    What is the status of Christchurch Cathedral? Is it being rebuilt or razed or something in between? If rebuilt will it be before the Cardboard Cathedral wears out?
    Best wishes,

  12. Hi Mr. Wizard,
    How is the Wizardmobile driven? Careful examination of a photo suggests you drive it sitting behind the steering wheel. Sorry I should have asked in 2013, my last visit to NZ.
    Best wishes,

    1. I’ve been battling the humourless bullies of the government’s WOF for two years to get my Wizmobile back on the road in Christchurch. It should be back again in a few week’s times. I do drive it sitting behind the steering wheel. The dilemma is, which one?
      LLL.. Wizard of NZ

  13. Hail to you, sir!

    I have been spreading the good word of the Wizard of New Zealand to some American friends who were quite frankly, blown away to discover that we have an official Wizard.

    One of them has been suffering from terrible headaches and I told him I would ask you to cast a great spell of health, or perhaps you can offer some Wizardly advice to quell such pains.

    All the best from Hawke’s Bay!

    1. Dear Luke
      I hope your friend’s headaches are better. Unlike heart aches It’s difficult to ease headaches at long distance. I recommend the reading of my new book “The Fun Revolution; Jack’s Adventures in Ideologyland” as a panacea.

  14. Greetings Wizard,
    I trust this finds you in good heart and ever-ready for glorious campaigns! It is some time since I last called on you and your loyal army to defend what is right. Recall with pride your sterling efforts in repelling the oppression of Telecom – forcing their retreat from installing chrome and glass urinals along Worcester Boulevard and having them replaced with proper red telephone boxes! Great days.
    I see a new challenge – the neo-colonial invasion by the native waka upon the serene River Avon where the best of English traditional punting operates. The waka and the punt cannot coexist here – a travesty. Can anyone imagine a waka on the River Cam?Although a fully laden waka almost certainly will founder in the shallows of the Avon, they must not be given any encouragement to think this river is their domain. Can the Army assist?
    Unfortunately in my autumn years I am in a nursing home in the tropics – nursing a gin and tonic to the best of my ability. I cannot join this campaign personally, but I will be with you in spirit. Pass me the Bombay thankyou nurse?

    1. Dear Geoff,

      Excuse the informal use of your Christian name. Our previously well mannered British traditions are being dumbed down by the semi-literate, wide-eyed zealots who now control the compulsory educational institutions.
      Until I can come back from the dead again and cast a spell to awaken the ancient British soul in the Antipodes (which I am proposing to do in the near future) such activities as Alf’s Imperial Army battles etc. are on hold.

      Nil desperandum
      Jack. Wizard of NZ

  15. Dear Mister Wizard
    Can girls be wizards? Also do you have to be old and wisened? I read a lot of books if that helps. And my supeling is impeccable.
    Yours sincerely,
    Soon to be Wizard

    1. Dear Virginia’
      “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet”. I am a pragmatist and follow the advice of Jesus who said “by their fruits shall ye know them’.
      The word wizard refers only to men…as in drunkard or dotard. Call by for a chat outside the Arts Centre. I’m there on most fine days Wed–Sunday.

  16. Dear Wizard,

    My name is Ryan and I am a Canadian who has lived in Christchurch since 2015. The changes that ive seen in the past 4 years have been incredible and I am so passionate about the resurgence of the city. I am also an aspiring filmmaker. I would really love to sit down with you at some point and discuss making a very short documentary piece about your story. It would be wonderful to meet you! Looking forward to hearing back.

    Best wishes,

    1. Dear Ryan
      I’ve just finished a collection of essays on the topic of ideologies that create rigid cages limiting one’s awareness. It will be on Amazon etc. in a few days’ time. The title is “The Fun Revolution; Jack’s adventures in Ideologyland”. On fine days between 12 and 1.30 I hang around the Arts Centre at the Custard Square Bookshop… chatting with folks who pass by.

  17. I visited New Zealand several times between 1980 and 1985 and went to Cathedral Square many times to hear The Wizard. I enjoyed hearing him speak and I loved watching people try to argue with him. lol I’ve never forgotten how amazing it was to watch the crowds gather to hear what he had to say. And it’s been fun reading about all the outrageous things he’s done through the years. I’ve loved being able to tell people about him, and tell them that I met him and saw him in action. What a great treasure he is!

  18. I would like to read a copy of your Blob work. I would also like to know if you’re still engaged in the “ultimate goal” of invading America ? I have a pretty good hunch I could round up a rather large posse to join your ranks. And a few very stealthy women ready to overthrow everyone from here to the Vatican. Thanks!

    1. Dear Amy
      Invasion plans are still on hold. America seems to be imploding. I’m watching Fox News everyday and it is cheering me up no end. The crooks in the FBI and DoJ are finally being exposed. I hope the good guys win…they seem to be enjoying draining the swamp.
      Email me and I will send you a pdf of THE BLOB

  19. Dearest Master Wizard,

    America desperately needs the intervention of a wise and experienced wizard. A darkness has overtaken our country. I humbly beseech you to cast a magic spell to disperse the darkness and bring the light back.

    In April, My husband and I will be travelling to New Zealand for two months. We plan to be in Christchurch during the first few days of June. We would love to meet and pay homage to the Cosmologist, Living Work of Art, and official Wizard of New Zealand.

    Megan Vacha
    Omaha, Nebraska

    1. Dear Megan,
      Send me an email nearer the date. I hope we can arrange for a coffee together.
      Wizard of NZ

  20. Happy Birthday Sir, from a young girl in the 70’s that loved the essence you brought to the Square. Saddens me what has happened to the heart of the City of Christchurch but the City of ChCh has residence in my heart. May you enjoy this day. P.S I still have a laminated map you created of this world. NZ on top of course.

    1. I still have a copy of that map from 1980, though mine isn’t laminated. 🙂

      It really broke my heart when I saw pictures of the Square. What a terrible loss! I’m from the States but New Zealand is my favorite place on Earth. I’m so sorry to see that so many historic buildings were lost, but the memories of all the fun and interesting things that happened there will live on.

    2. Dear Debra,
      Belated thanks for your good wishes for my birthday.
      Disaster capitalism has ripped the heart out of Christchurch and mental health is at a crisis point. The bureaucrats have gone mad with power and have made terrible blunders. But I have a plan to cheer everyone up at their expense!
      More later.

  21. Request: Please bring back your “Reading List” because your recommendation of Alan McGlashan’s “Gravity and Levity” changed my perspective (from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset ~ See Dr. Carol S. Dweck’s book”Mindset”) and as a result, changed my life. Reason: Reading can be detrimental to one’s ignorance!

  22. Hello Mr. Brackenbury,

    I feel compelled to write to you in an urgent matter. Most people are aware of the fact that you’re the official spiritual leader of NZ.
    Despite different warnings and signs you held on to your position. I understand that your house with all your costumes burned down one day – your life was spared tho. You stubbornly re-bought some costumes and went back to your magic activities. After countless little earthquakes in CHCH and your daily speeches or acts of magic or whatever you did on Cathedralsquare, this place is no more. Up to this date the inner city seems to be emptied out. You even hold an official ministry to do so or represent your country in that way. I am asking / urging you to lay this position of yours down.
    Please please please return the rightful leadership of this country back to God. It is not too late for you. I’m sincerely asking you to repent and accept Jesus as the one whom all things belong to. He has created you and He will forgive you. Maybe the tiredness you have been feeling for so long will disappear then.
    Don’t hold the country of New Zealand in spiritual hostage any more. Thank you, that you will do the right thing.
    You have great value for God – He really loves you.
    May God bless you

    P.S.: The demon living on Catherdralsquare now only can be driven out by Jesus. Didn’t you know that?

    1. Be off with your herectical claims of religious supremacy. How dare you claim to presume that you are saved and The Arch Wizard of New Zealand is not, are you presuming to know the contents of the Divine Mind? And using the threat of material suffering as an incentive to search for redemption suggests the God you serve is more like a spiritual mafia, an antichrist spirit who hates and threatens rather than redeems through love. I would suggest you use what time remains in your short life to contemplate the idea of grace and forgiveness and attempt to salvage your own salvation, rather than squandering your attention on the sin of flattering you own ego.

    2. Dear unnamed lost soul
      Thank you for writing to me with your message of hate. You have got my name wrong. Next time you write please call me Wizard or Jack.
      As the postmodern prophet of the Anglican Church I am ready to receive inspiration all the time. Try being more friendly and I might be influenced.

  23. hi, Wiz.
    i left Christchurch in May, 1974, so just missed your arrival, just as well, as there wouldn’t have been room for us both
    i went to Australia, for most of the next four decades, and duly took out citizenship in Launceston. In those days, you had only to include two Vegemite labels with your application and you were fair dinkum, but unbeknownst to me, (until i read about the rescinding of the law around 2010,) Australia did not tolerate dual citizenship, so, in becoming Australian, i automatically became a criminal.
    My criminality of deepest dye was still further darkened by ideological indigestion with disrespect to the voting process. One election, i told them i was sick, and couldn’t get to the booth. Next one, I was so sick i was delirious. Next, i alleged that my wife, who is a psychologist, had pronounced me unfit to vote because i could not distinguish between the Labour and the Liberal parties; moreover, i could not distinguish either party from both Santa Claus, or the Tooth Fairy. The electoral commission wrote back on the last occasion, having ignored the first two, to say that on this occasion, my reason was accepted, and i would not have to pay the fine, which stood at $20 in 2010.
    Now, i am having trouble with the NZ IRD, and i wonder if you might be able to help me. I have paid back almost all the capital of a $7000 student loan, but cannot broach their ramparts even to approach negotiations over the usurious and cruel and unusual what they call “interest” and “penalties”. My position is that our government and i have a contract: i pay taxes, and they use the money to benefit the country, and all its people, approximately equally. What seems to have happened is that what used to be called “multinational corporations”, but which i see as one single antinational nexus of powermadness, pretending multiplicity, has taken control of our government, since 1974, actually, and is bleeding us all dry. That’s where i have an issue with the “interest and penalties”, because i see these as being nothing more than thinly disguised protection racket, or standover taxes, on us, by interests symbolised by Rockefeller and Rothschild. Presently, i cannot get the IRD to keep its commitments to phone me. Four times, they have failed to get back to me. I am contemplating approaching the United Nations, on the grounds that our government is breaching the Declaration of Human Rights, which proscribes slavery. Perhaps you can offer me some advice?

    Sincerely, Steve

    1. Dear Steve
      Sorry I’ve been out of touch writing essays and stuff.
      Pity I missed you, I think we would have got on really well. I hope you are watching Fox News the bastards in the swamp went too far too fast and have been caught with their pants down.

  24. Hello,

    Is New Zealand the only country in the world to have a government-appointed national wizard? Also, is the position of national wizard going to be continued or is it a one-time appointment?

    Thank you!

    1. Hello Wizard,
      My father, Ron Adsett, was a student at UNSW in 1968 and I have a some of his black & White photos of you around campus (dancing, proclaiming with a feather duster wand…) that I am scanning. Is there somewhere I can send them?
      Reynauld Adsett.

  25. Where can the Wizard be found in these modern times? I am to embark on a quest to New Zealand next year and unfortunately he seems to be have vanished into obscurity of late, with only a few references to him appearing around the time of the ChristChurch earthquake.

    1. Dear Pat
      I’m in the City most fine days between 12.30 and 2 pm. check with the tram drivers.
      The City Council bureaucrats are so frightened of my popularity with the locals and tourists that they refuse to admit there is a huge elephant in the room. No mention of me anywhere in Christchurch or Canterbury tourism promotional

  26. Hello Wizard of Christchurch,

    My name is Arthur and I come seeking wisdom regarding a great darkness encroaching on the land. I have had little luck finding my original friend Merlin, who I have not seen in a long time span.

    I would very much appreciate it if you could contact me.

    You humble servant,

    1. Sorry to keep you waiting. I’ve been in retreat from internet activity in order to get my thoughts together. Understanding the nature of the Blob is the first step.
      Reply and I’ll send you a copy by attachment.

  27. Oh Wise and Great Wizard of New Zealand, listening to you and your intellectually challenging, stimulating and enlightening discussions in Christchurch’s Cathedral Square in March of 1976 (“You’re the crazy ones! You’re listening!” . . . frame of reference truly applies to today’s Politics) . . . and finding your web site 20 years later . . . and following your reading list recommendation (“Gravity & Levity” by Alan McGlashan . . . when I ordered it, the clerk looked at me like I was daft!) changed my perspective, awareness, consciousness and my life! It lead me to the question “What good is it to have the absolute, undeniable, irrevocable, objective, timeless, eternal, correct answer . . . to the wrong question?” In reality, the question is just as important, or more important than any answer! As such, I am now searching for the most important question! Metaphorically, it would be “the next question” . . . which is directionally correct . . . only if you know where you are going. A more functional question would be “Is it enough?” (In recognition of St. Thomas Aquinas’s criticism of the Manicheans “It’s not enough!”). Your thoughts would be appreciated?
    Kindest Regards, Roger Mehus, Minneapolis, MN, USA

    1. I’m ready now to reply to your comments.
      The first step is to read my analysis and the course of action I am taking in THE BLOB AND I. Reply by email and I’ll send it you.

  28. Re our historic building. I 100% AGREE WITH your comments on HOW our historic buildings have been destroyed by the pack of VANDALS (and that is insulting an ancient culture that appreciated art) for the sake of NEW development. The soul of Christchurch is founded on these and now our city is being littered with common NEW buildings that can be found ANYWHERE. Even as a citizen of Christchurch, it was the old buildings I enjoyed visiting and tourists would have been happy to contribute to rebuilding of may of these old buildings. But no – we have been bullied and given no choice in the matter and told a lot of bullshit about safety.
    As for the Christchurch Anglican Cathedral – what a load of ballocks! Overseas experts reports contradict the almight City Council over feasibility of rebuilding this especially the Italian ones who are used to earthquake damage of old churchs – and frankly – how dare the City Council still use this renown ICON of Christchurch in their tourism and promotion of Christchurch when they are just going to destroy it. Our cardboard Cathedral is a laughing stock of the world.

    1. I’m ready now to start an internet campaign on a number of fronts.
      Glad you agree about the destruction of the soul of our city. I wrote a short piece a few weeks after the Earthquake. Email me and I’ll send you a copy.

  29. I totally share your understanding of a wider ‘Britishness’ and hope as you do to engender a sense of true cultural revival in opposition to the ‘Multi Culti’ madness being used to erode our true tribal identity.I am delighted that New Zealand has shown enough spirit to keep their flag that identifies them as part of the British story.I only hope that we have enough energy here to throw off the yoke of the miserable European Union.
    Good luck,God speed
    Stephen G Speakman Stockport England.

    1. I’ve delayed replying to comments until events in our civilization had reached a tipping point. I’m ready now to start a campaign on the internet. Email me and I’ll send you a copy of THE BLOB AND I.

  30. I just read your account of the board game “salvation” and I have some suggestions! First monopoly may not have been the best model to work with because monopoly is all about capitalism and gaining political or economic power to win the game! That competitive nature to the game simply doesn’t fit the intended morals of religious and spiritual enlightenment! A story based RPG; similar to dungeons and dragons might make more sense! As that RPG format gives you more opportunities to incorporate good social deeds in to the actual game play! Instead of simply picking up a card that describes the good deed! Second I have some potential safety concerns about your choice of materials! You said the player’s pawns are made of lead! Lead is a highly toxic soft metal! Lead poisoning is connected to involuntary rage out bursts! Brain damage! Mental cognitive impairment! Psychosis! In the worst case scenario; lead poisoning can cause catatonic psychological collapse or even a coma! That is why modern toy safety laws prohibit use of lead in toys and games! Might I suggest replacing the lead pawns with wood or glass? Paper mech’e has been a traditional medium for toy making for years! Even centuries! It is cheap; durable! And with the right choice of resin; paper mech’e is perfectly safe and nontoxic! I just thought I would give you this advice!

  31. All Of British Columbia Needs Your Help, Mr. Wizard, and you are the ONLY wizard for the job. Our province(in Beautiful Canada) is burning. Over 200 wildfires and more to come, with no rain in sight and 30+ degree days on the horizon. We are staying inside with the windows, doors, and vents sealed as the smoke is so bad. I personally am having trouble getting enough oxygen. Would you be willing to do a rain dance for our province? We know you have done so successfully many times. We need your help, Mr. Wizard. Thank you in advance,

    Kaela and Natasha.

  32. Hello, I feel that I saw you visited my web site thus I got here to return the desire?. I am trying to in finding issues to enhance my web site! I suppose its ok to use a few of your concepts!!

    1. Of course! Sorry I’ve been out of contact with the comments on my web site.
      I’m ready to engage now. Email me.

  33. Just going through old files and found the business card I designed for you years ago! Hope life is great for for you and yours!
    Andy Dunn

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