One Ring To Rule Them All

The Doctrine of Human Rights and the General Will.

This ideology emerges in Revolutionary America and France where the ruling religious status-based monarchies were destroyed or gravely weakened. Human Rights depends on the compulsory creation of single individuals. The ideal human is a machine of no specific gender, intelligence, creative ability, moral behaviour or cultural inheritance. He or she is probably a member of a nuclear family who has been successfully certified in the school system, practices monogamy (often serial monogamy), has the right to vote and who works in a factory or office at regular times determined by time machines (clocks).

The important point is that the doctrine of egalitarian human rights is not a voluntary ethical system but is increasingly legally enforced. “All that is not prohibited is compulsory.” The mass society is born, created by mass compulsory education, cheap mass-produced goods, cheap mass-media of communication, and cheap mass entertainment. These values are maintained through fundamentalist democracy where mass hysteria can be created and directed by political elites whose only talent is winning elections and who then claim to be legitimated by “The Mandate of the People”. Totalitarian “welfare-warfare” states, both fascist and socialist, originally pioneered by the Prussian Bismarck emerged at the expense of religious monarchies and decentralised local government all over Europe following the highly-mechanised Great War.