One Ring To Rule Them All

Be Prepared.

At this point I am entering the realm of prophecy and science fiction but not that of the socialist utopians. Obviously those with no training in agriculture or even basic survival skills, especially those living in the huge urban conglomerates in North America and Western Europe are going to suffer most when (not if) the Ponzi scheme collapses Where there are still huge numbers of people farming and living in extended families in the hinterland, such as in recently urbanised and industrialised societies like South America, India, China and SE Asia, they could come to the rescue of the demoralised urbanised people who will be like fishes out of water. Police and army units would need to be formed rapidly and camps set up around the collapsed cities which could grow their own food and organise their own defence. Much can be learned from the monastic houses in Europe following the collapse of the Roman Empire. Technological knowledge would need to be gathered together and stored and tele-communications re-established if possible. Stable voluntaristic ethical institutions like the traditional churches would need to provide caring communities and to do battle with bigoted and brutal fundamentalist political and religious fanatics who will initially flourish in the chaos and attempt to take over. There are other scenarios that might save the food-bearing potential of the Earth. The tortured ecosystem might fight back with a massive pandemic which in an era of irresponsible global travel could spread and wipe out most of mankind.