Ego Unbound

Disembedded Ego and Personality Evolution

My cosmology differs significantly from others by placing what I describe as “ego-kinematics of evolving personality” as the most evolved part of the universe. As each level of my model includes the levels below it, this is an emergent transcendental phenomenon. These “Ego-kinematics” are linked by control and feed-back loops to the “symbol-kinematics of evolving values in institutions”. This essay is an example. Such personality phenomena have so far remained only partially realised since up to now all the great cultural innovators have, like the Wizard of Oz, put on the mask of powerful supernatural beings or forces to impress people and gain credence. Previously in the monotheistic tradition the egotistical Yahweh alone could identify himself with the words “I am who I am”. Disembedded ego in mere mortals is usually described as evil or dangerously insane. This even applies to secular leaders in the modern world including military geniuses. Either they become divine themselves like Alexander or conceal their egos behind cultural masks. When Napoleon said “France” he meant Napoleon and De Gaulle was much the same. For Hitler it was of course “Germany” and for Lenin and Stalin it was the “Workers of the World”. This is understandable Machiavellian politics. The world is full of megalomaniacal demagogues claiming they have divine authority or the mandate of the people, unfortunately they sometimes gain political power.

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