Ego Unbound

An ideal typology of some evolving personality, cultural,technological, social, psychological and behavioural complexes.

Ideal types are not perfect supernatural Platonic ideals, but a verbal cognitive “operating system” (like maths) selecting concepts out of their contexts and purifying them to clarify inter-relationships.

World Views. From the Agricultural Revolution based on fertility and the extended family, to the Industrial Revolution based on productivity and the nuclear family, and now to the Consumer Revolution based on creating new desires. With the collapse of many enduring family structures in the most developed parts of the world, we have reached the end of a sustainable civilisation. I hypothesise a future civilisation pursuing sustainability by downplaying the values of reproduction, sensuality, mechanistic rationalism, and materialistic consumption as a sign of moral superiority and instead the elevation of the values of leisure, romantic love for women and playful self-exhibitionism for men.