Ego Unbound

Technologies. From the Stone Age to the Bronze Age to the Iron Age to the Electric Age.

Symbolic Communication Media. We must realise that from our animal ancestry all human beings learn mainly from mimesis. See Merlin Donald’s “A Mind so Rare” (2001). This was supplemented by speech and eidetic image projection during the Stone Age, to pictographs and auditory hallucinations in the Bronze Age, to education as verbal conditioning through written verbal and mathematical operating codes during the long Iron Age, and with mass-media visual and auditory behavioural releasers in our present Electric Age.

Cosmologies. From flat-earth divinely created and governed agricultural cosmologies to ballistic mechanistic cosmologies driven by purposeful Natural forces, to reductionist astrophysics caused by the Big Bang and Chance, to relativistic universe models adopting frames of reference as rules of the game or drama.

Relationships to Authority. From supernatural Tradition Directed to materialistic Inner-Directed to media manipulated Other-Directed to the voluntary Autonomous, acting out roles in temporary scenarios.

Dominant Personality Types. From hallucinating Psychotic personalities to anxiety-ridden Neurotic personalities to hysterical Narcissistic personalities to creative, resilient personalities.

Dominant Psycho-Social Fixations. From Oral fixated to Anal fixated to Genital fixated to Neural activated.

Dominant Stimuli and Releasers. From maternal nurturing releasers associated with Dominant Females, to environmental survival releasers associated with Subordinate Males, to mating and display releasers associated with Subordinate Females, to ordering and maintaining group integration associated with Dominant Males.

Dominant Image Archetypes. From the Great Mother archetype to the Young Hero archetype to the Beautiful Maiden archetype to the Wizard archetype

Dominant Emotions. From self-sacrificing Feeling to self-preserving Expression, to self-denying Identification, to self-expressing Ecstasy.