Ego Unbound

Third Order Consciousness

I am proposing that wise and honest leaders of the new consciousness should resist the temptation to speak on behalf of abstract entities like their political state, their academic discipline or “mankind” (a popular mask for secular intellectuals) and come clean. This is not the time to don the “masks of God.” If my council is followed I am convinced that this would represent a breakthrough in consciousness since we would be aware of the role of our own personal agency when becoming conscious of the nature of consciousness! The word thinking is a confusing term to use since consciousness and thinking are certainly not the same thing. Animals can think, but what is sometimes called their consciousness is qualitatively different from that of human beings.

I have spent forty years experimenting with this new form of consciousness, having first “disembedded” myself by avoiding property ownership and social welfare, living on an honorarium like an artist in residence, and taking on the roles of a wizard and cosmologer in the academic world, a shaman in the popular culture and mass media, a living work of art in the world of art galleries and a prophet in the world of religion. My long-term stable relationship with the opposite sex has at the same time been that of a responsible lover, teacher and friend, avoiding the roles of father and economic supporter. All carried out with the openly stated explanation that I am basically ego-tripping for fun. Is there any other way to avoid deceiving oneself and hence deceiving others too?

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