A Solution which is Neither Totalitarian nor Based on Economic Determinism

I have racked my brains trying to find a way to restore some balance between destructive over-emphasis on individual freedom and personal restrictions demanded by our social and spiritual nature. It comes down to combining both love and freedom. Tories sacrifice freedom for love, Weirds sacrifice love for freedom. Liberty without love is dog-eat-dog inhuman cruelty. Love without liberty is suffocation of the intellect and soul.

As far as I can see there is only one way out of the mess caused by the Weird’s almost world-wide monopoly of government and education which can be practically realised as we totter on the brink. The first step is the revival of a modified British Empire. I pause here for the mocking laughter to die down. The UK government still foolishly believes that the USA has good intentions towards them. Falling for the promise of great wealth they became entangled in the purely economic, German-controlled, United States of Europe. At present they are being torn apart by fascistic nationalism in Scotland and swamped by economic migrants from all parts of the world most of whom are of alien cultural origins. Such a revival to cope with collapse of the totalitarian economic development paradigm could not possibly originate in the UK. An imperial revival that I see as the only political alternative to chaos is only conceivable if based on the cultural identity of the Commonwealth as a whole and initiated by Canada, Australia and New Zealand in particular but not forgetting India and Singapore. These were the peoples who voluntarily came to the rescue of Britain less than 75 years ago when the British of the United Kingdom faced almost certain annihilation by the Nazi Germans. Yet, a mere generation afterwards, they were kicked out of their dependent economic relationship with the motherland by an amnesiac Britain keen to get on the European gravy train.