Other Proposals for Coping with Global Economic Collapse

The Chinese Communist Party should not just stop at transforming themselves into state capitalists but should go the whole way and revive, in an updated form, the ideologically complex Chinese Empire destroyed by greedy European powers. China includes Confucians, Daoists, Buddhists, Christians and Moslems as well as socialist and capitalist humanists. Vladimir Putin is already half way towards reviving the Russian Empire. I’m not sure he means it to be under the rule of law however. As for Napoleon’s dream of a United States of Europe it looks as though it will be mainly Protestant Germany who carries it out. This is cause for some concern for the Catholics and Orthodox Slav nations. I have no idea what can done about the Spanish and Portuguese ex-colonies in South America which were turned into secular nationalistic puppet dictatorships by covert American “economic imperialism”. I suppose Argentina and Brazil etc. would have to come to some Catholic arrangement. Fortunately Spain restored their Religious Monarchy. Once sorted out along proper tribal lines Africa would probably be better under Christian and Islamic religious monarchies.