Tories are more able to adapt than Weirds to the gradual collapse of the materialistic paradigm which is currently determining the political and economic policies of industrialised societies. They are not so convinced of their own moral rectitude and historically have no obsessional desire to make other people into carbon copies of themselves. Religious tolerance was generally found in the Ottoman and British Empires although the self-righteous intolerance of evangelistic Christians and small-minded English memsahibs in India in the mid Nineteenth Century set off the Indian Mutiny and the brutal reprisals that followed. If an empire is efficiently administered all ethnic groups and classes benefit economically as well as psychologically. In a WEIRD society those at the bottom have very little self-esteem as they have no power, money or status other than rather shallow citizenship. This is one reason why they are tempted by totalitarian societies with their state welfare systems, media censorship, and propaganda rallies aimed at adulation of the god-like leaders.

Hierarchical organisation is found throughout natural ecosystems. Real political equality is only achieved by dictators driving steam rollers to produce equality of oppression. Membership of a great empire gives all its people, regardless of their class, status or power, great pride and a deep sense of meaning. This is very clear from sociological studies of the British people of all classes, religions and races during highly ritualised state occasions involving the ancient institution of religious monarchy. If we are going to suffer a huge financial and political crisis we are better prepared than secular republics who status system is mainly scientific and economic. This was obvious from the high morale in Britain and her dominions when they stood alone against the massive power of Hitler’s Germany with Stalin’s Russia as his ally and the USA showing no interest.

I fully realise the mockery and laughter such an idea will produce amongst the Weirds who run the show. At this stage the idea needs a proper airing in those intellectual circles who are not smug self-righteous intellectuals who are used to rationalising away everything that doesn’t match their superior understanding.