Hitler and Stalin were Socialists not Fascists

Hitler was not a Fascist but the leader of the German National Socialist Workers Party. He used “scientific” eugenics, popular in the secular countries in Europe and America at the time, and New Age Theosophical racial ideology to weaken the influence of Christianity and to increase fanatical nationalism. Both of these ideologies were anathema to Christians. The use of force rather than propaganda to expand Nazism was based on his understanding of the military history of Prussia and appreciation of the skill of Frederick the Great. In spite of proclaiming his international socialist mytho-dynamics, Stalin too was a nationalist and had a lot in common with Hitler whom he admired. Stalin was a supremely intelligent psychopath who maintained his firm grip on Russia through personal charm, totalitarian bureaucratic control of mass education and the mass media and through mass murder and genocide. During the 1930s the Nazi Government secretly trained their armed forces in Soviet Russia where they also learned from Soviet experts how to use propaganda, slave labour, mass deportations and the genocide of millions of defenceless people, as political tools.