Separation of both Religious and Materialistic Ideologies from the State.

There should be no imposition of any one religion by the state. The Prince of Wales has already stated his future intention to choose the title “Defender of the Faiths”. Transcendental religious beliefs which are not fanatical need to be nurtured by the monarch as defender of all faiths. I also recommend the separation not just of Church and State (meaning the secular political institutions) but of Science and the State. Children need to be taught literacy and numeracy and world history, not indoctrinated by the state with reductionism, materialism and economic determinism as if these aso*re absolute truths when they are no more than useful analytical scientific abstractions.

Restoring the Ottoman Empire

Accompanying this spiritual and cultural revival of what I call British mytho-dynamics I would love to see the revival of the Ottoman Empire to intervene in the fratricidal civil wars escalating in the Arab world. This would be a continuation of Ataturk’s political and religious reforms. Like Alfred the Great a thousand years earlier, Ataturk, the Father of Turkey, twice led armies to save the Turks from invasion and occupation by expansionist Christians. He went further and separated Church from State and introduced education, the rule of law and democracy into Turkey. An early task for such an empire would be to encourage reforming Islamic theologians and protect them from violent attacks by Islamic fundamentalists.