Is There Any Other Way?

Is this really the only practical way out of the fast approaching crisis or am I panicking unnecessarily? We may find a way of rescuing our families from internal collapse without Tory values. Our unprecedented debt bubble might be slowly and safely deflated. Our environment may be saved from pollution and climate change. Our major churches may reform by dropping their insistence that we must accept unbelievable dogmatic assertions designed to get converts fifteen hundred years ago. Without throwing out the baby Jesus with the bath water they might then put up a fight against intolerant religious fundamentalism.

The transition from the Industrial Age to the Electric Age and its sophisticated information technology means the shrinking of the middle classes as their clerical and service jobs become better served by electronic technology. During the Industrial Revolution their numbers and their political importance grew rapidly but is now shrinking even faster. This indicates that there will be fewer Weirds in the near future. In other words fewer Whigs and more Tories.