Tweedle-dum Democrats and Tweedle-dee Republicans

American Whig ideology is still the established ideology being taught in government schools and it is difficult to see any Tory ideology in either the Democrats or Republicans especially since the Southern Democrats were betrayed by their party after the Second World War and later when the Republicans embraced Christian fundamentalism. Fundamentalists had earlier led the revolt against the established Church. Mass compulsory secular-scientific education and the mass media, driven by the need for advertising revenue, are now stripping the democratic industrial world of the last remnants of non-secular traditional values.

Tweedle-dum Capitalism and Tweedle-dee Socialism

The two main contenders for political supremacy in the world today are both based on WEIRD values. One is International Capitalism, now becoming known as Globalisation, which is based on freedom of opportunity with no moral restraints except the rule of law, which they manipulate through their armies of lawyers. The other is the various forms of National Socialism based on a huge state bureaucracy paid for by massive compulsory taxation, which provides its slaves with free compulsory secular education and medical treatment. Their value system becomes a form of crude compensatory egalitarianism. This   anti-morality is produced by reduction down to the lowest common somatic denominator, now better known as “political correctness”. Legal action to enforce this frequently breaks the rule of law including that of free speech.

Neither of these twin ideological monsters represents most of the people whose lives are controlled by them. The deliberately created and unprecedented debt crisis and likely collapse of the global economy has produced little academic questioning of the fundamental WEIRD secular ideo-dynamics which have directly caused it. The knee-jerk reactions of puritanical Christian fundamentalists in the USA against rational thinking will certainly make things worse since they are primitive Whigs themselves and devoted to the destruction not only of secular humanism but the landed aristocracy, traditional theologically-informed religion and monarchy.