Hunting The Boojum

Turning the Universe Inside-out

According to relativity theory, in the absence of any absolute frame, the Earth could be turned upside-down by a conformal inversion of the old fashioned God given coordinates but would appear to an uninformed eye to be unchanged. This had been common knowledge even before Einstein. What was not known by most educated people, including astrophysicists, was that the Earth could be turned inside-out the same way. The Earth was no longer a tiny sphere surrounded by the immense universe but an immense spherical hole enclosing what appears to be a tiny universe. Again it would appear to the uninformed eye to be unchanged.


The Only Question is, Which is to be Master?

Conventional ideas of size depend not on simple deceptive appearances but on the totalitarian power of the ruling elite of reality controllers to determine both the location of observers and the model they have decided that everyone must adopt. Scientists have always been the willing servants of the evil lords of the military-industrial complex so the model of the Earth they have imposed on us through compulsory secular education is the one that makes terrestrial navigation and ballistic calculations the only important concern. Ockham’s razor gang were called in to cut any non-utilitarian alternatives to pieces. That was the fate of poor Mostafa Abdelkadar’s speculative model. Love, logic and levity are always over-ruled by the utilitarian needs of welfare-warfare state capitalism or socialism.