Hunting The Boojum

Knocking on Heaven’s Door

Since I would be travelling at considerable speed with the stated aim of travelling through the centre of the universe on my way to splash down in the English Channel, I often wondered what would happen when I reached the singularity at the centre. There is no way of knowing. A few years earlier Stanley Kubrick’s famous film “2001”, had portrayed a similar journey and hazarded a guess about the nature of such a singularity. I had not envisioned it that way at all, especially since I am repelled by puritanical temples of hygiene, orderly geometrical forms and by prissy Louis Quinze décor.


The image that came into my mind was more like the Heaven portrayed in Oriental texts especially the one described in the classic “Monkey” with beautiful goddesses and delicious peaches. I imagined their surprise as I sped through without stopping. Monkey would have approved. We are fellow spirits, I am an excellent demon slayer and, although rarely thanked, I do what I can to protect simple persons from the consequences of their trusting naivety.