Hunting The Boojum

The Bellman

The main function of the Captain in “The Hunting of the Snark” was to ring his bell to create the impression of being in command without actually doing anything remotely useful. I have taken him my role model and have stood around in New Zealand in public places wearing a pointy hat, blowing my horn and describing my plans to vanish and be forgotten. I have been classified as a living work of art by the NZ Art Gallery Directors Guild and tourists come to Christchurch to see this remarkable human phenomenon described in all the Guide Books. I was presented with the highest award for promoting tourism in NZ and I wasn’t even trying!.

Antipodes Island and the English Channell

As my 42nd Birthday on December 4th 1974 approached, I had already moved to New Zealand to be near a port to get a boat to the uninhabited Antipodes Island. I had chosen this spot to converge the identity, space, and time systems in my process cosmology by briefly becoming Me, Here, Now, whilst appearing on television, especially in the Northern hemisphere. Dr Banks, my physicist collaborator in constructing my process cosmology had already gone ahead to Plymouth to arrange for a fleet of small boats to pluck me from the sea. Antipodes Island was named by English navigators noting its location on the opposite side of the Earth which was a point in the English Channel near Harfleur. As a trained navigator I was once the Flying Wing Adjutant and later Navigation Officer at the Royal Air Force base at Duxford (now a museum), I am English and my family name is Channell, I took all these co-incidences as a sign, but definitely not a conventional sign, not even a floating signifier!