Hunting The Boojum

Creating Heaven and Earth as a Conceptual Art Work

A point that should be of interest to religious intellectuals, but has so far failed to be so, is that in this Geoperipheral model the new singularity at the centre of the universe is no longer the satanic singularity known as the Big Bang but becomes the highest point in the Universe towards which all the galaxies are converging whilst accelerating. It exactly matches the traditional descriptions of Heaven. In Ancient Greece the evil materialistic scientists, serving the merchant class as usual, dethroned Heaven by turning the flat Earth into a sphere where there was no “up” only “out”. Heaven was banished to the periphery and Hell was placed right in the centre of their model of the universe. I am attempting in my own playful way to create Heaven and Earth in my own image as a conceptual art work and then to vanish whilst ascending into the centre of my own fundamental orifice. By avoiding death I would avoid the hideous boredom of eternal life or the pointless self-deception of being remembered after death. This was an authentic ego trip I was planning, stripped of all the disguises that provide such rich pickings for psychiatrists.