Hunting The Boojum

Driven by Events to Create My Own Universe

Since coming out of the trenches my life had been destroyed twice by blind fear and irrational hatred. It became obvious that I needed a more accurate cognitive map to avoid being shipwrecked again. As the Union Cosmologer I gave lectures and held open discussion groups on a synthesis of recent scientific ideas in all fields. This was in the tradition of the sociology of knowledge and the social construction of reality. The Vice Chancellor allowed me the use of a temporarily unused Gothic building on campus for this purpose. This was known as the Department of Levity.


Thus was born my aesthetic Process Cosmology which I first published and circulated in 1972. Like A.N.Whitehead, though without consciously realising the similarity, I scrapped both belief in the autonomous independent existence of what we believe to be objective reality (Aristotelian “substance-based” science) and the belief that reality is little more than a psychological, socio-cultural product, (Platonic idealism, socialism and postmodern French deconstruction not withstanding).