Hunting The Boojum

The Dictatorship of the UNSW Student Union

On my return an SGM of the student body was held to sort out the crisis. The meeting rescinded the vote abolishing the SUC and restored the executive. Then I had a brain wave. As usual with socialist revolutionaries not only had their heroic antics caused a great loss of fun in both the staff and student body but also a great loss of funds! I would restore both if they elected me their official Dictator for the three weeks remaining before the end of the academic year.


The reader can picture in his or her mind the blazing fury of the serious revolutionaries at this proposal. Their reaction swayed the rest of the students present to overwhelmingly support my motion. I became the first person to be legitimately and democratically elected dictator of a representative body let alone a student union, and not afraid to call himself such at the time of the election. The year had ended with a bang and not with a whimper. After organising a “Dictator’s Concentration Camp” for the freshers to launch their course of studies I relocated to Melbourne early in 1970 to become the travelling Wizard of the World University Service since their Australian HQ was in that city.