Hunting The Boojum

                           COSMOLOGICAL FOOTNOTE

*Using “induction” to create laws of nature solely from observations leads to neurotic nihilism justified by materialistic utilitarianism and what Whitehead has famously described as “the fallacy of misplaced concreteness”.

*In the case of meaningless utilitarian Modernism “form follows function”.

*In the case of Solipsistic philosophical word-manipulation, “function follows form”.

*Hypothetical “deduction” alone leads to psychotic narcissism and self-justifying verbal jargon.


To avoid these dualistic alternatives the only logical course of action is to concentrate on what “actually happens”. In my 1972 Cosmology this is labelled “eventuality”, a probabilistic event hierarchy which replaces abstract one-dimensional “time”. I saw this event hierarchy as a series of “forms” like the Gestalt concept in the psychological school of that name. Even Aristotle allowed for Formal Causes as well as the Efficient Causes and First Causes which are alone permitted by the orthodox controllers of state-established modern science. Distinguishing between what really happens from what we believe and want to happen is extremely difficult and requires us to avoid putting too much trust in our traditional scientific, religious or magical paradigms. Logic without levity is blind, logic without love is suicidal.


What we believe we experience or observe can only “make sense” and become learning, and thereby affect our self-awareness and intentions, when it has become part of a form, pattern or matrix best described as consciousness or awareness.


Forms can be arranged in a hierarchy and linked as self-organising systems with control and feedback to both manifested phenomena and to hypothesised dynamics of intention. At the level of human consciousness this continuously modified form is transmitted and shared by members of a culture who have established conventional symbols of communication. Simpletons and madmen are unable to do this and deviants and crooks, like the Parisian celebrity philosophers since the Second World War, manipulate the symbols to undermine authority to benefit themselves at the expense of others.