Hunting The Boojum

Scientific Dogma Confounded

Relativity theory was born following the Death of God who had previously provided the Absolute Frame. Then the discovery of whole families of sub-atomic particles, and quantum theory in general, had put paid to the search for the solid atoms as “the building blocks” of the universe. Since the time of the Ancient Greeks, natural philosophers had devoutly believed that these atoms determined ultimate reality. Now the fundamental base of the Laws of Nature was confounded. Earlier, having ridiculed divine causation they had simply replaced it either with belief in the immortality of sacred matter (like Einstein) or with a naïve belief in continuous creation. What they found was “The Big Bang”, a singularity which happened outside time and space for no reason at all and requires belief that a tiny, zero-dimensional point contained enough energy to create an entire expanding universe.


Believing in Divine causation, creator gods and trusting established religion is like swallowing a fly. Believing in chance causation and materialistic reductionism and trusting established Science is like swallowing a horse, as Burl Ives put it in the folk song about the old lady, “She died of course”.