Mein Kopf

The British, threatened by German military and naval expansionism, got entangled in European politics and were bankrupted in their titanic struggle in the Great War. A few years later, after a lone two year fight against Nazi Germany who had conquered the whole of Europe, and undermined in the post war settlement by America, the new super-power, the British Empire finally split apart and suffered internal disintegration.

At the same time another mytho-dynamic system was undermining their values. This new generator of political action was Social Darwinism which began to replace both Christianity and the Matter of Britain in the late 19th Century. This crude doctrine takes two malevolent forms both of which have no values other than those of materialism and “survival of the fittest”. One is International Capitalism or Globalisation and the other is National Socialism, in its various forms from “right wing” Fascism and Falangism to “left wing” Socialism and Communism. Both oppose deep-seated cultural influences with a chauvinistic nationalism devoid of any deep indigenous civilised culture.

The economically driven ideo-dynamics of anti-imperialism are based on materialistic determinism. This soulless doctrine is established by ideological nationalism and children are conditioned by force through compulsory secular education by the state. Many are turning in desperation to primitive and fanatical fundamentalist religious and fanatical secular ideologies. “Reason”, commonly disguising the “rationalising” of greed, power, envy and vice, has been elevated above such out-of-date values as loyalty, love and honesty. The possession of a sense of humour is seen as a sign of shallow insincerity rather than a recognition that we are not just utilitarian cogs in institutional machines powered by the ideo-dynamics of material gain.