Mein Kopf


Growing Popularity of the British Monarchy
Since the Second World War the American Hollywood Dream Machine has been pouring out propaganda extolling the superiority of republicanism, individualistic religion, democratic nationalism and the belief that the United Nations to bring an end to war etc. Hollywood has been ridiculing “out-of-date constitutional monarchy”, and promoting a mindless horror of imperialism. In spite of this the obvious stability and civility of the Religious Constitutional Monarchies of Northern Europe and the international importance of the British Commonwealth of Nations nurtured by the Queen herself are passing unnoticed by educators in the schools and universities. The magic of the British Monarchy has been growing steadily in spite of the total incomprehension of bourgeois secular educators. The crowning moment in the magical union of the people as a Durkheimian sacred community is of course the Coronation based on the mytho-dynamics of the Old Testament anointing of the Jewish Kings. Royal weddings and births attract more attention in the media than the life-style celebrities of the consumer society with their endorsements of fashionable clothes, fashionable social events and fashionable political posturing.