Mein Kopf

At the present time the world is poised on the brink of serious economic collapse and the best brains in our universities, who have been complicit in the development of this catastrophic state, are remaining silent whilst still collecting their government pay checks. Chaos will inevitably follow the shattering of belief in materialistic science and unlimited economic progress. I am convinced that the only possible way out of the mess is to revive the traditional structure of the British Magical Monarchy, tolerant Anglican Christianity, and responsible Imperialism all of which were still providing motivation to millions a mere 60-70 years ago. This ideological and mythological complex of beliefs and practices does not depend on ever-increasing material wealth and consumerism but on Tory respect for the land and traditional Christian communal values. After all it was this mytho-dynamic system deriving from the Arthurian myths which gave the people of the British Empire the amazing courage to stand alone against the combined forces of Hitler and Stalin who were both “secular-scientific”, anti-religious, national socialists.

Imperialism, Good or Bad?
Imperialism is not in principle always bad and anti-imperialism is not in principle always good. Obviously like any other political system imperial regimes can vary from truly ruthless totalitarianism to wise, tolerant and fairly administered forms of government. Only intolerant fundamentalists reject any political proposal that is not an impractical Platonic “ideal form”. I believe that we should “think the unthinkable” and seriously consider the revival of two recent empires that brought reasonably good government to the many
different peoples under their control. They were both were destroyed in the Twentieth Century by the rise of international capitalism and internal rebellion fermented by rival nationalistic powers. Their revival, if it could be achieved, is the only hope we have of saving the world from an inevitable collapse into chaos. I refer to the British and Ottoman Empires. Ultimately I think that a revival of the Chinese Empire is equally important. We all have to watch out for the totalitarian Russian Imperial revival taking place under our noses.

Those who think that this proposal is absurd may wish to propose a more realisable solution. Irresponsible international capitalism or globalisation, and the underlying ideology that drives it, has to be carefully brought under control, and we have had recent experience that intolerant racial or linguistic anti-imperialistic nationalism devoid of traditional values only plunges us into totalitarianism and violent conflict. Without a vision the people perish.