Mein Kopf

The Romantic Movement
What is needed is another surge of the great Nineteenth Century Romantic Revival that abolished slavery, restored the Tories and Religious Monarchy of Britain, revived tolerant Christian values and brought education, democracy and care for the poor, back after a century of the cruel “enlightened” economics of the free trade Whig politicians. In the Eighteenth Century Whigs had risen to power on the backs of the slaves who worked the sugar plantations in Jamaica. Both the Conservative Party in the UK and the Labour Party are Whig stooges for International Capitalism and cannot not stop the impending collapse of the huge credit bubble nor cope with the consequences when it does.

Both the Republican and Democrat parties in the USA were founded by Whigs and are still run by them and remain deeply imbued with hatred for the Tory ideo-dynamics of established religion, imperialism and magical monarchy. Roosevelt had to explain this to Churchill at the height of the British Empire’s perilous stand against the Nazi-Soviet alliance of that time. When the war ended the Americans rejected Churchill’s proposal for a Union of the English Speaking Peoples and instead chose to form an alliance with the republican Soviet state. This alliance soon came to grief but it was too late to save Eastern Europe and the
Cold War led to the two superpowers keeping the new balance of power by propping up corrupt regimes and trying out their new weaponry by engaging in proxy wars fought by their unfortunate puppets.