Mein Kopf

The Future
I have attempted to show the importance of ideas and the myths that activate them and how to employ them. My solution to our approaching crisis makes use of my new cosmology linking cultural, social and behavioural-neural systems and their dynamics which has guided me through my radical new lifestyle over the past forty-five years. My proposal to return to recently abandoned values and the socio-political structures based on them is only a temporary emergency measure recommended for lack of any other practical solution. The task in the future is to reform both religious and secular-scientific belief systems. The real enemy of mankind is Fundamentalism in its two forms of Irrational Morality and Immoral Rationality. These are together destroying our world and our civilisation.

Religious reform is needed so that we are not required to lie about miracles and past history that we now know to be untrue in order to preserve values such as love of others rather than heartless self-interest. Secular-scientific reform is needed to so deliver us from being forced to behave like machines whose only
purpose is to survive and reproduce as efficiently as possible. There is enough wisdom in the major religions of the past to avoid throwing out the baby with the bath water as secularists would have us do. Provided we avoid the dangers of using reductionism and materialism to deny multi-level evolution and are prepared to investigate Process models of cosmology that avoid fixation on objectivity, we can bring both goodness and truth together to stop the world descending into evil depravity and absurd stupidity. My own approach has been to use playfulness using wild exaggerations (as in this essay) to increase tension or cognitive dissonance followed by compromise as a means of resolving tensions rather than trying unsuccessfully to reduce them through denial and censorship.

Composed by the Archwizard of Canterbury in 2013
in his role of leader and founder of the Imperial British Conservative Party.