Mein Kopf

The Ottoman Empire
I have already looked at the need for a revival of the British Empire and the psychological, social and cultural forces that could be called upon. The only other imperial power with a good past record of effective administration and tolerance of the differing communities, Christian, Jewish and Shia, under its control is the Ottoman Empire. This empire went into a long decline before being destroyed in the First World War by a combination of European powers who fermented a revolt by Arab states to help them destroy it as an ally of their enemy Germany. After the defeat, Ataturk, the father of modern Turkey, established democracy, encouraged literacy and replaced Sharia Law with the Rule of Law. Turkey is now a leading member of the democratic world and has not yet been destabilised by the Sunni fanaticism being financed by wealthy Arab oil states with the USA looking on in confusion. The Arab states have either dissolved into civil war between Sunnis and Shiites or have become malfunctioning partial democracies run by the military.

Alternative Solutions
I am not looking for help to the educational institutions of the West. They are in thrall to the same international economic forces as the governments who finance them. It is time to rouse the British people who until quite recently were members of an Empire that was a very different kind of globalisation. The new electronic media is available to spread such ideo-dynamics as these at the speed of light to most corners of the earth. A deep sense of humour and use of these derived narratives or mytho-dynamics could revive the sense of community destroyed by irrational scientific reductionism which transforms us all into individualistic consumers. Such a practical and all-embracing vision can prevent people from over-reacting and becoming irrational fundamentalists. Queen Elizabeth II as our head of state and Defender of the Faith is the most loved, respected and admired leader in the world today and is the magical centre of these proposals.