Mein Kopf

The Return of the Wizards
An important part of the British mytho-dynamic process is returning and fast accelerating as popular novels and films move more and more into fantasy where heroic struggle against evil forces replaces both social realism and psychological introspection. During the turbulent Seventeenth Century Milton planned to write an epic poem on the subject of Arthur and the myth had great appeal to the Nineteenth Century romantics. In spite of literary critics, the best-selling novel of all time after Dickens’ “Tale of Two Cities” is Tolkien’s “Lord of The Rings”. Huge numbers of children all over the world today who hardly ever opened a book before are being enchanted by the series of books about the young wizard Harry Potter. New Zealand has also become famous recently as the setting for an immensely popular epic film version of “Lord of The Rings” directed by a New Zealander with a talented local team. Moreover this article itself is being written by the Wizard of New Zealand, who is not a fictional character having been appointed official Wizard by the administration of the University of NSW in 1969, then official Wizard of New Zealand by the Prime Minister in 1990 and awarded the Queens Service Medal in 2010.

It is obvious that, like Moses and Merlin, Gandalf is not a historical figure. The fictional King David fulfils similar status needs and motivational functions as King Arthur and Aragorn. Magic and miracles are just different interpretations of similar improbable events. Will Jesus come again as promised? Will the Jewish Messiah finally come to lead the chosen people to world conquest? Will the newly resurgent Sunnis of strictly monotheistic Islam financed by oil-rich Arab states finally conquer the world and bring about the end of history? Will KGB-trained Putin, the new Tsar of Russia, recommence the amazing expansion of Russia until he finally gets political control of Europe and Chimerica?

Will Merlin reappear as prophesied? Will Arthur, who is only sleeping, come to the aid of the British people when they are in dire trouble? The early signs of a revival of British mytho-dynamics are there in the rapidly rising power of the United Kingdom Independence Party who are attracting supporters away from the other parties and who are keen to get out of the economically disastrous European Union. Will they re-join their fellow British in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa (and even India), whom they rudely expelled as “foreigners”, now that they realise they were lied to about the economic benefits of becoming “Europersons”? Behind the screen of this preposterously bureaucratic organisation based on the Treaty of Rome (sic) the Germans are once again being driven by their traditional barbarian mytho-dynamics to take over Europe even though the economies of the member states are bankrupt.